Mongoose: Is Trump Considering Domestic Assassination Operations by Blackwater?

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This is an impeachable moment.

Sources in Trump's White House report meetings to assemble a network of deniable wetwork/black ops spooks to target Trump's political enemies in the US and elsewhere

Multiple White House sources have told reporters that the Trump administration has been negotiating with Erik Prince (founder of the war-crimes plagued mercenary firm Blackwater; brother to pyramid-scheme billionaire/Education Secretary Betsy Devos) and ex-CIA operative John R. Maguire to assemble a private army of deniable, off-the-books spy/mercenaries who could target Trump's “deep state” political enemies in the USA, and kidnap and render similar figures overseas.

Prince denied the report and threatened to sue The Intercept for publishing it. Mercenaries who had worked for Prince at Blackwater confirmed the story to Jeremy Scahill (one of the foremost experts on Blackwater) and Matthew Cole, whose in-depth story is a must-read.

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