Robert Steele: Creating a Post-Western Independent Internet (Trump Revolution 22)

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Creating a Post-Western Independent Internet

An Open Source Internet Can Create Peace and Prosperity for All

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Robert David Steele

The recent decision by President Vladimir Putin to create an independent Internet with a separate Domain Name System (DNC) that is impervious to Western attack including data corruption and mis-representation is a good decision. President Putin’s desire to have such an independent Internet in place by August 2018 is ambitious but achievable.[1] It is a great pity that the BRICS have wasted four years since they first considered this essential need.[2]

It is helpful, in contemplating such an epic objective with the potential for enabling a post-Western economic and engineering paradigm, to remember that the Western Internet was designed for machine to machine communications. It was not designed to connect people, and it was not designed to process (or makes sense of) multi-lingual, multi-medium data.

The Western Internet – and Western communications and computing generally – also suffers from three deep deficiencies that can now be addressed by a new post-Western system:

01 Beginning in 1994, the National Security Agency (NSA) conspired with the leaders of AT&T, Dell, HP, IBM, Microsoft, and others, to “gut” US communications and computing security for their own convenience. [3]The Internet – including most of the Deep Web as well as the Dark Web – is simply not secure and it does not provide for individual anonymity, identity, privacy, and security.[4]

02 The Western technical model is rooted in proprietary code as well as stovepiped interfaces and the routine migration and mutation of Application Program Interfaces (API) so as to block third party developers who do not enter into contracts and pay for developmental access.  This has retarded the entire Western information technology architecture, to the point that today less than 1% of “Big Data” is processed[5] – and the Big Data that we do have in hand is in turn less than 1% of what is known and needs to be known to make evidence-based decisions that are holistic and fully informed about true costs.

03 The Western legal model is rooted in massive patent and trademark strait jackets designed to both block copying as well as collaboration, and to enable predatory forms of patent trolling.

Add to all of this the possible termination of “net neutrality” by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)[6] and you have the equivalent a Biblical storm of such proportions that an “Internet Ark” launched by the BRICs with Russian and Chinese leadership could very well achieve three major successes, if properly designed:

01 Protect not only the BRICs but all non-Western countries from #GoogleGestapo, the Deep State system designed to spy on everyone, steal everyone’s data, manipulate public opinion, and generally keep the 99% confused, distracted, entertained, and irrelevant to governance.[7]

02 Attract a third if not more of the individuals in the West who loath their Deep State and its two-party tyranny enablers.

03 Extend the Internet, as the West has not been able to, to the 50% of humanity that does not now have access to the knowledge and human networks made possible by a reliable Internet.

In this brief illustrated provocation intended to help President Vladimir Putin and other BRIC leaders contemplate the possibilities, I offer eleven points that I believe could help shape the post-Western Internet in such a way as to achieve infinite wealth (and thus stabilization and peace) for the 99%, while re-asserting national sovereignty and national values as well as local kinship and cohesion across Russia and each country desiring to defeat the Deep State and the Zionists who are the foundation for the Deep State in every country they seek to subvert.[8]


Point #1: The Western Internet is inside out and upside down.

The Western paradigm is centralized (top down), proprietary, expensive, and wastes 70% of the Internet/information technology budget on repairing and maintaining old systems. The fees for licensing proprietary software, and training employees who rarely utilize more than 20% of the capabilities to access 1% of 1% of the relevant available information, are unaffordable. Below is a single graphic of the failed Western system versus the recommend BRIC system.[9] The post-Western Internet – the post-Google Internet – must be open source, inexpensive, decentralized, and encrypted. The security must be embedded in the data and the individual, not the “system” that is too easily corrupted and penetrated.[10]

Perhaps more importantly for the purposes of President Vladimir Putin, it must be understood that a post-Western economic and engineering paradigm[11] are not possible without a post-Western Internet and a completely new approach to communications and computing, what the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Innovation Hub calls “Alternative C4I.”[12]

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Point #2: The Western Internet accesses 1% of the data and processes 1% of the 1%.

It is in my view imperative that the BRIC Internet focus on connecting humans and connecting data, not on connecting machines. I cannot overstate the degree to which the Western model (including the $100 billion a year spent on secret intelligence and social media monitoring) is pathologically deficient. The Western “system” is in no way focused on achieving holistic analytics and understanding true cost economics.[13]

 Point #3: The Western Internet is “in the red” for most human and technical functions.

The greatest mistake that has been made in the Western approach to information technology (and in the Western approach to intelligence and espionage) is to over-emphasize the technical and diminish the human aspect. They must be developed together. We are being dishonest if we fail to acknowledge that Western information technology is not only totally insecure, but also intellectually and morally retarded.[14]

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Point #4: The Western Internet is not a sense-making network – it spews garbage.

The Western Internet is an extension of the Western colonial model – it fences in people, conceals or ignores data, manipulates perceptions, and is not helpful to creating peace or prosperity for the majority (the 99%).

The BRIC Internet should – in my humble opinion – be designed to connect all humans to all data in all languages and mediums, all the time – anything less is not worthy of President Vladimir Putin and General Secretary Xi Jingping, among other BRIC leaders.

The below eighteen analytic functionalities should be “standard” within the new BRIC Internet. Anyone should be able to use any of these eighteen functionalities from any hand-held device or any desktop device, applied to any and all sets of data, without having to do “data conversion,” the Achilles heel of the Western information technology industry.[15]

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Point #5: True Cost Economics is the foundation for national intelligence and evidence-based decision-making by both the leadership and the public. The post-Western economic paradigm cannot be created quickly and cheaply without first exposing the true costs of all Western products, services, policies, and behaviors, in terms that shift public purchasing decisions.

The post-Western Internet is potentially the single most powerful economic weapon on the planet because it can change the behavior and buying habits of billions of people virtually overnight.

Until now, the true cost of Western offerings has been concealed.  Most Americans do not understand in water, fuel, and toxicity, of most of what they buy – or the fact that most of what they buy is 50% waste and 90% profit for the banks while accompanied more often than not by crimes against humanity (e.g. child labor and slavery) as well as regulatory and tax avoidance.

A post-Western Internet can and must shine a powerful light on Western crimes against humanity at the product and service level.

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Point #6: Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) will allow the creation of the post-Western Internet at 10% of the cost of the failed Western paradigm.[16]

Russia along with India, Indonesia, and China have the most to gain from introducing OSEE as a national standard. An open source tractors costs 10% of a Western tractor, has no legal or financial conditions attached to its software, and can be repaired in the field by the farmer or building owner, generally using “plug and play” parts that can often be printed on site with a 3D-printer using recycled plastic.

This is the revolution we have been waiting for. This is the revolution that makes morality affordable.

Point #7: Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) matters across all domains.[17]

I have defined the nine broad domains where the concept of open source everything engineering has the potential to create peace and prosperity for the five billion poor – in passing, if combined with an end to US financial and military support to dictators, this stops the illegal immigration pressures that are deliberately being created by the cabal in order to break down borders and destroy national sovereignty.

It is essential, in my view, that the post-Western Internet be designed so that every person on the planet might one day have a free hand-held device and free access to the Internet, and thus in a position to receive education, open source designs, and micro-cash, one call at a time.

 Point #8: In the end, the post-Western Internet must be about achieving peace & prosperity. This cannot be done as long as governments focus only on war and terrorism.[18] Holistic analytics must underlie national strategy, national spending, and national behavior.

One strategic objective for China and Russia should be the closure of all US military bases around the world. That objective can only be achieved by supporting President Donald Trump and educating all Americans with respect to the reality that those bases do not enhance US security, they undermine US security – they are “lily pads” for the smuggling of gold, guns, drugs, cash, and small children.[19]

A second strategic objective for China and Russia must be to educate the publics of all Western nations so that their tax dollars no longer go toward supporting the 40 of 42 dictators on the planet who are a primary foundation for the Deep State and central banking.

The below ten high-level threats are in priority order as set by the High-Level Panel on Threats, Challenges, and Change in their report of December 2004.[20] Poverty, disease, and environmental degradation cause war (and illegal immigrants) while war spawns all the other threats including trafficking in women and children and transnational crime particularly at the banking level.

A post-Western Internet must enable holistic analytics of all threats and all policies at all times and direct educational influence operations on major publics starting with the American public. Properly done, Information Operations (IO) are ethical, legal, overt, and effective.[21]

Point #9: Government lacks access to roughly 90% of the relevant information needed to make informed decisions.[22] The Western secret intelligence model has failed and so have the Western academic and corporate models. A Post-Western Internet must emphasize sharing, not secrecy, across all boundaries.[23]

The problem with spies is they only know secrets, and they refuse to talk to people on the street, private investigators, scholars, businessmen, and others, most of whom will never quality for “security clearances” and many of whom hate the government. The obsession with secrecy and compartmented information (a very German concept) is counter-productive. In my 40 years’ experience as a spy and as one of the first US 21st Century intelligence professionals seeking to guide the craft of intelligence away from spies and secrecy enabling war and waste, toward open sources and methods enabling peace and prosperity,[24] I believe I am on very strong ground when I suggest that 70% of what we spend on spying today can and should be cut, while we invest a fraction – 5% of what we spend on spying now – on an Open Source Agency in each country[25] that is in turn part of a global Open Source Network. Content, not connectivity, is the heart of the post-Western Internet. Education, not control, is the means.

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Point #10: A post-Western Internet demands a strategic mind & concept.

The Western Internet was designed for communication between machines and was never intended to be accessible by the public – it was a defense initiative focused on sharing across very specific research institutes. The Western leaders are not ethical and they are not philosophers (in the best sense of that world).

It is not enough to create an alternative Domain Name System (DNS). That is the equivalent of believing that syphilis by another name is not syphilis. The disease is still there. These twelve illustrations – my life’s work in twelve images – are intended to show the totality of the possibilities that President Vladimir Putin – ideally in partnership with General Secretary Xi Jinping – might consider.

There are four levels of analysis and activity – technical, tactical, operational, strategic – that must be developed together in order to create a “Smart Nation” in which the public and public information are the center of gravity for local, national, and global power and influence.[26]

 Point #11: Human Intelligence is the center of gravity for national sovereignty as well as global peace and prosperity – Applied Collective Intelligence is the new “nuclear.”

Nations have been weakened by the persistent attacks on their educational and ethical systems. Among the most important speeches every given by President Vladimir Putin, a Christmas speech, has been celebrated in the USA among those who are awakening and seeking to deepen the collaboration against the Deep State  and its pedophile elite, among President Vladimir Putin, President Donald Trump, and General Secretary Xi Jinping.[27]

Defeating the globalists is not possible using only the secret intelligence services. While I and William Binney helped the Trump Administration get a grip on all the data that the National Security Agency (NSA) has refused to process in the past – and I believe our President now has all the names, dates, places, and cash amounts in hand – he continues to neglect the 99% and the three basic moves that would allow him to empower the public and harvest public intelligence to triumph.[28] It is my hope that President Vladimir Putin and General Secretary Xi Jinping will continue a new concept for national intelligence that fully integrates secret and open intelligence with an emphasis on public intelligence as the root foundation for national power – much as Hans Morgenthau sought to teach us in the past.[29]

Point #12: At the end of the day the post-Western Internet is about education & values and as Plato recommended, the ultimate leader must be an educator.

Plato emphasized collective (dialectic) reasoning and Plato emphasized the importance of education – the most significant government function is that associated with the education of the public.[30] The US Founding Fathers agreed: “A Nation’s best defense is an educated citizenry,” said Thomas Jefferson.

Today Western education relies too heavily on the entertainment and media industries that are managed by pedophiles, many of them based in Hollywood and many of them controlled by Zionists and a vital part of the Deep State’s control schema. Harvey Weinstein is just one example.

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There is clearly a need for a post-Western economic, information, and engineering paradigm. It is my hope that these few graphics might rapidly communicate the potential benefit to Russia, to the BRICS, to all of us, of centering the post-Western Internet on key concepts that I and a number of others have been developing. The post-Western Internet must make possible holistic analytics, true cost economics, and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) as the new foundation for local, national, and global well-being. Education — content and sense-making  — is the reason for being of a post-Western Internet.


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[7] I have personally experienced the power of the Deep State / Zionist system and tell that story at Robert Steele, “How The Deep State Controls Social Media and Digitally Assassinates Critics: #GoogleGestapo – Censorship & Crowd-Stalking Made Easy,” American Herald Tribune, November 7, 2017.

[8] The original description of the Deep State, which is much more than unelected bureaucrats, was devised in the aftermath of the assassination of John F. Kennedy – that cabal included two Zionists, Arnon Milchan and Yitzhak Rabin, see Peter Dale Scott, The American Deep State: Big Money, Big Oil, and the Struggle for U.S. Democracy (Rowman & Littlefield, 2017). The “meme” was successfully repressed for a half-century by the CIA and the mainstream media, but with the emergence of Donald Trump, the monopoly on information concepts by the 1% was broken, and I was successful in elevating this term across the Alt-Right Alternative Media through many audio-visual interviews reaching millions of people, while also publishing articles and Kindles. Videos, not books, appear to be the primary educational vehicle for the masses going forward. On Zionism, it is essential to distinguish between Zionists (subversives who seek to destroy countries and economies for their own gain) and Jews (normal citizens practicing their faith while being fully assimilated into the national culture. Since I was attacked by the Zionist system, I have published the three top articles seeking to destroy Zionist influence in the USA: Robert Steele, “Zionism in America – Steven Strikes & Counting…,Veterans Today, 14 December 2017; “How The Deep State Controls Social Media and Digitally Assassinates Critics: #GoogleGestapo – Censorship & Crowd-Stalking Made Easy,” American Herald Tribune, November 7, 2017 and Robert Steele, “From Las Vegas to Iran, Zionists Appear to Rule the USA – Can We Purge Them?Russian International Affairs Council, 16 October 2017.

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[10] This is not the place to delve into the possibilities and considerable obstacles associated with general encryption and the blockchain (which does not scale at this time). It is however worthy of noting that a proper encryption foundation for value can also be extended to provide a foundation for information transactions, information tools, and intelligence (decision-support) derived from the combination of humans, tools, and data.

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[13] Thomson Reuters and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) are classic examples of fraudulent Western “intelligence” activities that are incompetent in the extreme. The Western elite make money based on insider information and cheating – for example, the manipulation of foreign exchange and interest rates, the avoidance of taxation, and willful ignoring of true cost economics. Thomson Reuters (as well as Elsevier) are the primary publishers who offer roughly 1% of all scientists are published – analogous in rough terms to saying that only 1% of scientific knowledge is published. In the case of the CIA (and the rest of the US secret intelligence community, they provide 4% “at best” of what a major commander needs, according to General Tony Zinni, USMC, then Commanding General of the US Central Command, engaged in two wars and twelve joint task force actions. Cf. Whitney Grace, “No Search Or Publishing For Science,” Beyond Search, 30 July 2014; and “Graphic: Tony Zinni on 4% ‘At Best,’” Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence Blog, 7 December 2010. To emphasize this point further, let us know that the West only processes 1% of the “Big Data” that is has in hand, and most of that data has been collected on the basis of old models that have no concept of holistic analytics or true cost economics. Cf. Mary Meeker, Internet Trends Report 2014, Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield, Byers, 28 May 2014. A post-Western Internet must provide for 100% of all information in all languages and all mediums being accessible to 100% of humanity – that is the path to creating a prosperous world at peace.

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[24] I was recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize (for which I am not qualified according to the terms of Alfred Nobel’s will often violated by the politicized Committee) by Jan Kalvik, Editor-in-Chief of Defence and Intelligence Norway, after he consulted with the Norwegian Minister who agreed to his proposed recommendation provided that an article was published, and a nomination form prepared.  This was done. Cf. Jan Kalvik, “Intelligence & the Nobel Peace Prize,” Defence and Intelligence Norway, 6 February 2017, and Nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize (Long Form), undated, as submitted by Kalvik to the Minister and the Minister to the Committee, in January 2017. Other related documents on my vision are easily accessed at the landing page for

[25] A Presidential Decision-Memorandum, as suitable for President Vladimir Putin and General Secretary Xi Jinping as for its original recipient, President Donald Trump can be read at Robert Steele, D3C Presidential Innovation Memorandum 3.3. In the USA the Open Source Agency has been approved twice by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) at a Full Operational Capability budget of $2 billion a year, but this has been hard-fought by the CIA, which is absolutely terrified of anything that can meet 96% of the intelligence needs of all leaders as well the legislature and the public, using only open sources and methods that can be shared, at a tiny fraction of the cost of a pathologically dysfunctional secret intelligence world that focuses on regime change, drone assassination, and rendition and torture. The only thing that would make this secret system worse would be its privatization – and this is now under consideration by a CIA Director  that is clearly being lied to and misled by his senior CIA “managers,” see Robert Steele, “Privatizing Covert Operations: The Most Asinine, Unconstitutional, Unethical Idea of the 21st Century,” Russian International Affairs Council, 11 December 2017. As a provocation for Russian leaders interested in improving defense intelligence, I offer the following, which was written to save Mike Flynn’s job and make defense intelligence “relevant” again: Robert Steele, “On Defense Intelligence: Seven Strikes,” CounterPunch, July 2, 2014.

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[29] Han Morgenthau, Politics Among Nations: The Struggle for Power and Peace (A. A. Knoph, 1948). The globalists understand this – they are using wars to create waves of illegal immigration intended to destroy Russia and the USA and other countries in Europe. Although the Barcelona Agreement appears to be a reasonable document, there are many who allege that behind the scenes European leaders were bribed by Arab leaders and the stage was set for the waves of illegal immigration. The sale of Libya to France by the Clintons (as well as the sale of Syria and Yemen to Saudi Arabia by the Clintons) are the most recent crimes against humanity. It merits comment that #GoogleGestapo (and the European Union) are actively censoring videos and text about the Barcelona Agreement and other matters critical of the Deep State – this emphasizes the importance of the post-Western Internet being about content, not only about a Domain Name System (DNS)!

[30] Cf. Plato on education,” Infed, undated, accessed 18 December 2017. Hierarchical systems fail because those at the top are lacking in complete access to timely, truthful information. The only systems that are resilient and agile are those that are rooted in local real-time knowledge, and that do not seek to repress contradictory information, but rather to understand it and put it into context. Russia – and the USA – are at a turning point. Are we to elevate, empower, and embrace the public’s potential as a source of national power, or simply change the curtains on the theater of state power?

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