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For some  time now I have wanted to do a documentary series on the Deep State including the pedophilia and Satanism angle, fully covering the pernicious roles of the Vatican and Zionism in perverting the US government and overturning the US Constitution.

The History Channel has been thinking about this for sixth months, the deadline ended on 31 December 2017, so while I have tentatively given them a first option if they  sign and pay the option fee by 15 February, I am now in full search mode for a producer that would like to use me as the primary interviewer along the lines of the below, but updating the series to include both pedophilia & Satanism on the one hand and the bleeding edge of credible extraterrestrial reporting on the other.  Russian and other international producers most welcome — email me.

In the ideal, the full series would be in the can and ready to start airing by 4 July 2018, coincident with the release of the book I have been nurturing by Joachim Hagopian, Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State.


An 8-hour Documentary Mini-Series

Proposed by
Robert Steele



The Fascists did not lose WWII – they were rescued by Wall Street and the CIA, becoming the hidden parasite buried deep within the USA and major Western states – the Nazi Hydra joined with the Vatican, other secret societies, and organized crime to create the DEEP STATE.

Throughout history merchants have controlled governments, using bribery and the ability to channel commerce and funds to control governments against the public interest. This is what has led to the fencing of the commons by governments for corporations, and the criminalization of individual behavior to the point that New York City “farms” its black population, spending $75 million a year jailing blacks for recreational marijuana, in this way providing hundreds of thousands of slaves for the prison-industrial complex.

What most do not realize is that WWII spawned the rise of a DEEP STATE so organized that it was capable of controlling every media outlet, every university, every labor union, every religion, and every political party. WWII saw the formalization of financial agreements between the Nazis and the Vatican, between the Nazis and the City of London, Royal Family, and Wall Street. WWII saw the emergence – by design of Wall Street – of CIA as Wall Street’s “secret team” armed with gold stolen from China by Japan and captured by Macarthur.  A Gold War has been raging since 1947 – US bases overseas are lily pads for the smuggling of gold, guns, drugs, cash, and small children in service to the elite. 9/11 was the beginning of WWIII – this time the fascists intend  to win.

This eight-part series, intended for television release during the summer of 2018 with replays in the fall, is what Howard Zinn might have called “The People’s History of the Deep State.” This is an educational non-partisan venture meant to educate the 99% against the 1%, toward achieving full democracy in America.

Robert Steele




Bankers, Nazis, & the Vatican

Opens with a brief history of the East India Company, the role of merchants as puppet masters of the Queen, then rolls over into the Vatican and the Jesuits as the competing power center. Closes with snapshots on the pro-Nazi elements including the Royal Family blessing the secret deal between the Nazis and the Vatican.


CIA Gets the Gold – the Rise of Covert Operations

Opens in Switzerland, an oasis of peace – and crime – at the height of WWII. William Donovan and Bill Casey of the OSS meet with Nazi leaders and cut the deal to rescue fascist leaders and their treasures in the event of an allied victory. On the other side of the world Ed Lansdale captures and tortures Yamashita’s driver, gets maps to the 175 buried mines holding Yamashita’s gold, Macarthur organizes a partial recovery, the pro-fascist Golden Lily Fund is created to fund off-budget covert operations under Wall Street / Treasury direction. Shows Harry Truman being deceived by Wall Street, creating CIA for one purpose while Wall Street’s orders to Allen Dulles were at clear cross-purposes to the US president and public needs. Ends with three  tracks: Operation Paperclip, the dramatic clandestine rescue of top Nazi leaders, possibly including Hitler himself, and their being inserted into the equivalent of witness protection programs world-wide, with cover stories for their wealth and more; CIA’s funding the restoration of fascist leaders in Germany, Italy, and Japan; and Operation Mockingbird, the take-over all US mass media to create the giant “Wurlitzer” of passive mind control.


Killing Hope I – War as a Profit Center

Introduces Smedley Butler (war is a racket) and shows the deep state at work, with US banks making bad bets or losing control to democratic governments, with CIA regime change operations and insertion of US Marines as the standard response.  Guatemala and Iran, Laos, Dominican Republic and Haiti, each time leaving in power a dictator and a secret police force that does torture as a routine business practice.


Killing Hope II – Africa, Israel, and Death of a President

Introduces J. Edgar Hoover as a pedophile and cross-dresser who accepts small boys as gifts from the Mafia, open window in elite Satanic “Eyes Wide Closed” snuff chambers, covers the wars of national liberation (“in search of enemies”), coups in Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Indonesia, Greece, Congo, the rise of CIA as the “secret team” able to conscript US military aircraft and ships and bases overseas to smuggle gold, guns, drugs, cash, and small children for the elite.  Illuminates war as a source of body parts and human slavery. Introduces the rise of the Zionist parallel state in the USA, where virtually everyone is an “agent of a foreign power,” shows Bobby Kennedy railing against this, climaxes not with the assassination of JFK but rather with Jackie Kennedy tearfully telling a confident she know who did it but must be silent to keep her children alive. Possible “third rail” track on the rise of Israel as the “backbone” of the Deep State working in tandem with Vatican and Wall Street.


Killing Hope III – Viet-Nam, Drugs, Politics, Mind-Control II (MKULTRA & Beyond)

Coups galore – Cambodia, Bolivia, Haiti again, Chile, Australia, Angola, Iran, Afghanistan, El Salvador, Nicaragua. At home, Operation CHAOS against anti-war and civil rights groups, Congress begins to investigate, CIA starts to blackmail individual Members of Congress. Rockefeller Commission cover-up similar to Warren Commission cover-up, drive home the point that Wall Street is the root of the evil tree. Fully develops the origin of mind control technologies by Yale University and others funded by Wall Street, begins to lay out the master plan for dumbing down the population, marginalizing individual skeptics, and creating individual Manchurian candidates and false flag patsies. Shows the Deep State recognizing that its greatest enemy is an informed engaged public as home, adjusting the apparatus of the Deep State to place more emphasis on controlling the home front public while still subverting democracy around the world for the convenience of the banks and the Rothschilds particularly.


Killing Hope IV – Iran/Contra, Central American Wars

Can build on Robert Parry’s work, Lost History, and explore the parallel foreign policies of the Deep State versus the visible state. Explores the aftermath of Viet-Nam, Nugen Hand, the emergence of a massive drugs for guns industry enabled by the CIA as well as the DEA and FBI – Michael Ruppert’s Crossing the Rubicon as well as Jim Marrs Rule by Secrecy.


Gold War: Endless War, Endless Greed, Rise of the Surveillance State

Covers the Bush and Clinton families as fronts for Wall Street and the two-party tyranny, and as assets of the CIA specifically. Includes the emergence of cyber-spying and the rise of NSA as the architect of mass surveillance such that it displaces CIA as the primary blackmailer of Members of Congress.  Includes a vignette on junior Senator Barack Obama being added to the target list and what they got from constant coverage of him.


Empire of Illusion – Griftopia versus the Deplorables

Opens with Warren Christopher delivering the $100 million bribe offer from Wall Street to Al Gore for accepting the theft of the election. Goes into Dick Cheney’s taking over the 9/11 plot when thirteen countries warn us in advance, shows in detail the neo-conservative, neo-Nazi collusion with Israel and Rudy Guliani and Larry Silverstein, to create a new Pearl Harbor. Weaves together NAFTA, the Crime Bill, the deregulation of Wall Street, and much more.


Soft Coup, Hard Kills – Donald Trump versus the Deep State

This concluding segment, intended for public viewing in October 2018, could have two tracks: the reality track as we know it, and the alternative reality track and Steve Bannon might wish to help us create it. It opens with a fast-paced report on how Donald Trump won accidentally, and then moves into a kaleidoscope of activities against Trump – George Soros funding protests, CIA creating the Russians hacked the election to overturn the Electoral College, Federal Reserve planning to crash the economy in summer 2017, and more. It shows Trump’s early calculations, including taking in Reince Priebus as a known Judas to settle the Establishment; the pervasiveness of monitoring devices covering Trump’s every move, the competition between his three advisors – Priebus, Flynn, and Bannon – the desperate attempts outside the White House to control who gets what job, Trump’s failure to sponsor an electoral reform act, a Trump Channel, and a counterintelligence surge, and then an open-ended conclusion.


NSA Whistle-Blowers available for interview include:

  • Binney, William.
  • Drake, Thomas.
  • Snowden, Edward.
  • Tice, Russ.

The following authors, each a deep mind on the deep state, are immediately available to support development of the script. This is a partial list – Robert is also the top Amazon reviewer for non-fiction, with over 2,000 reviews across 98 categories.

The following authors are no longer alive, but their works are available for deep background.




As difficult as it might be for conventional producers to get a grip on reality, “everyone knows” that pedophilia and Satanism are at the root of the Deep State, and the most advanced thinkers also understand that there is an extraterrestrial aspect — both evil and angelic — that will be fully disclosed in the next few years. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), a bastion of Nazis perhaps more powerful that those at the CIA, needs to be deeply examined with respect to its atrocities in the areas of mind control and human hybrid experimentation and the facts with respect to the secret space program including bases far removed from Earth. Both of these aspects could be treated as separate series, and then the three separate but complementary series screened in a consciousness “DNA spiral” that helps fully awaken the public to the raw fact that the government is in enemy hands (10% – 90% are good people trapped in a bad system) and is incapable of telling the truth, President Donald Trump's best efforts not-with-standing. A full list of living authors and direct witnesses is in hand.

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Robert Steele is the foremost integrator of the concepts of holistic analytics, true cost economics, and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE). A fourth series is possible, or a condensed happy ending, on how easily we can create a post-Western post-Google post-Vatican post-Zionism economy, Internet, and society that lifts all of the poor, from Texas to Somalia, at 10% of the cost of the failed Western paradigm.  A full list of living authors specializing in Collective Intelligence, Ecological Economics, and related topics is available.


Robert David Steele is a former spy recently recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize, While serving the Central Intelligence Agency as a clandestine operations officer he did three back-to-back tours, one in a war zone and another as the first officer in the Western Hemisphere  to be assigned the terrorist target full time. While overseas he managed a non-fatal false flag operations for the CIA. Returning to Washington he did tours in global counterintelligence, advanced information technology, and futures planning for technical collection capabilities.

He left the CIA to be the founding senior civilian of the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity, and director of the pioneering study on Planning and Programming Factors for Expeditionary Operations in the Third World. The founder of the Open Source Intelligence discipline he is also the author of The Open Source Everything Manifesto and has proposed to President Donald Trump an Open Source Agency that would create the post-Google Internet that cannot be censored or manipulated, while connecting the President to every voter directly with a two-way Trump Channel that buries both the mainstream and the social media that he has defined as a corrupt system able to censor, crowd-stalk, and digitally assassinate anyone who questions the Deep State narrative.

A prolific author, his work includes a Trump Revolution Series at Amazon – all Kindle Shorts – intended to help our President be the greatest president ever while making America great again.

He is the top Amazon reviewer for non-fiction, reading in 98 categories with over 2,500 reviews, and was one of two people — William Binney was the other — who showed Attorney General Jeff Sessions how to leverage unprocessed NSA data to get to the aggregated emails and phone calls of every US traitor, pedophile, and white collar criminal in the USA collected in the past ten years but not processed.

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