Mongoose: UK Government Decides to Protect Political Pedophilia

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Westminster Child Sex Probe Exempts Politicians Over ‘National Security Concerns’

Confidence in the inquiry has been rock bottom for some time. Last year the group Survivors of Organised and Institutional Abuse (SOIA) announced “with deep regret” that it was formally withdrawing from the inquiry, saying that the investigation was “not fit for purpose“. They said that survivors had been “totally marginalised” and that the inquiry had descended into a “very costly academic report writing and literature review exercise.”

Phi Beta Iota: We do not make this shit up.  It's “okay” for the UK to have pedophiles (and more often than not murderous pedophiles) as Prime Minister and in Parliament and across the law enforcement and national security agencies, but it is “not okay” to hold them accountable for being blackmailable by someone other than the UK 1%.  Pedophilia videos are the heart of the Zionist blackmail machine — any honest examination of this matter would quickly determine that all pedophiles must be expunged from all public duties.

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