Review: EPIDEMIC – America’s Trade in Child Rape

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Lori Handrahan, PhD

5 Stars Compelling Overview of Government-Approved Child Abuse

I am a Commissioner on the treaty-mandated Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse.  I was not able to get the Commission to drop the Sex word because it is too limiting. Child abuse includes not only kidnapping and slavery and sex as well as physical abuse, but also torture, ritual murder, casual murder, and the harvesting of child blood, bone marrow, and body parts. This is the first book I have found that does three things:

01 Paints a compelling picture of how pervasive child rape and abuse are across the USA.

02 Makes it crystal clear that all of this is approved by the government (local to national).

03 Repeatedly makes the point that we have failed to document all of these instances – there is a massive cover-up of the known facts and a deliberate attempt, led by the FBI (in my view) to not collect the data, not process the data, not publish the data.

Since this is precisely what the Commission I am serving intends to do, starting with the USA and the Commonwealth countries, among whom Australia is second only to England for its judicial and political pedophiles in number, I gladly recommend this book to every citizen with a conscience who wants to understand that at root, the government is quite fine with pervasive child abuse.

The author does superbly in making the case that child abuse including not only the rape of children (including bestiality – I speculate that my Marine Corps returned from Afghanistan with both a taste for children, and dogs trained in Afghanistan to rape children for brutal voyeurism) but the broad sharing of child pornography including brutality and murder (snuffing), starting with new-born babies as the new new thing, is prevalent across all elements of the US national security community as well as down into local law enforcement and particularly including police chiefs and sitting judges, some of whom have been caught masturbating to child pornography being watched in the middle of an adult murder trial.

I don’t make this stuff up. Pages 52-53 of this book are missing, I believe deliberately, those appear to be the pages that discuss the author’s marriage, her discovery that her husband was raping her child, and the pathos of a US judicial system that would not bring him to justice.

Among highlights of the book, which is carefully documents at a post-PhD level of accuracy and reliability, are these:

01 Trafficking in videos and images of child abuse including torture and murder is to be complicit in those direct crimes.

02 An astonishing number of fathers are not only abusing their children, but sharing their children and making money from selling their children and images of their children.

03 All organizations that come into contact with children, particularly those rendering aid to children overseas (Oxfam, for examples, all UN aid agencies) and locally (Child Services, schools, day care centers) are fully staffed by pedophiles.  Pedophiles go where the access to children is easiest, and in the most chaotic of circumstances. None of these organizations vet people, and most of them cover up discovered pedophiles, with non-punitive resignation and no record being the most common procedure followed.

04 Schools have a hundred times for pedophiles than does the Catholic Church.

05 Hotlines work and are not created.  One single hotline that was created rapidly produced 250 new valid cases of child abuse for investigation.

06 There is an Anti-Predator Project with specially trained investigators, I have the impression it lacks for funding and government support.

A few quotes:

QUOTE (71): “It is concerning that the federal law enforcement agencies are not only failing to maintain accurate records of employee arrests but are also refusing to share information with their own Office of Inspector General (IG).”

QUOTE (84): “My research establishes that the U.S. government, at all levels, has a considerable child pornography problem; one that is a serious threat to our personal and national security. Pedophiles have infiltrated government service and cultivates positions of power to protect their crimes and access children. Children are not being protected. Pedophiles are. Too many pedophiles are government employees.”

QUOTE (85): “The media isn’t reporting on it.  Public Policy institutes are not focusing on it. Academic researchers are ignoring it. One has to wonder why.”

QUOTE (94): “…the crime of trading in child rape in America occurs within the context of a broken, sexist and racist system dominated by white men.”

QUOTE (117): “Dr. Charol Sakeshaft, the leading expert on sex abuse by educators, estimated in 2006, “the physical sexual abuse of students in schools is likely more than 100 times the abuse by priests.”

QUOTE (135): “To halt the global epidemic, child pornography cases demand creative investigative and legal solutions. For example, if the political will were generated, child pornography kingpins could be prosecuted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague. The jurisdiction is the Internet. We must police and prosecute the Internet as if it were its own physical location.”

QUOTE (135): “…half of the world’s servers hosting child pornography were, until 2016, located in the United States.  Why are these servers allowed to proliferate? Why hasn’t US law enforcement shut them down?”

QUOTE (136): “Our top priority should be shutting down servers that host, store, and distribute child rape. The owners and all the users, every single IP address, must be prosecuted.”

A great deal more information beyond the book is available, with links at the author’s Medium profile.

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