Review: Child Hunters – Requiem of a Childkiller by Carine Hutsebaut

6 Star Top 10%, Atrocities & Genocide, Civil Society, Consciousness & Social IQ, Crime (Organized, Transnational), Culture, Research, Disease & Health, Justice (Failure, Reform), Truth & Reconciliation, Voices Lost (Indigenous, Gender, Poor, Marginalized)
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6 Stars — Deep Dive into a Mind of a Murderous Pedophile — with Solutions for All of Us

Carine Hutsebaut, known as the “Clarise” of Europe, is a profiler who has worked with all major law enforcement organizations, and endured great pain because she was decades ahead of her time. Now she is the single most knowledgeable person I know of on the matter of murderous child pedophiles (she prefers the terms pedosexual and pedocriminal as there is no “love” in what is being done to children by these monsters). She is a fellow Commissioner on the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse, I have watched her in action, she is the “real deal.”

There are seven major points to this book which should be read by every parent, every law enforcement officer, every employee of any airline, bus company or train company, and the managers and employees of fast food restaurants:

01 Not believing a child who alleges they have been abused is OUR CRIME. This book is a reference work laying out 6 types, 6 stages, any parent who does not read this book is not being the best parent they could be.

02 Pedocriminality is a MIND disease, not a SEXUAL disease. It is the mental fantasies that lead to the crimes, not the physical sexual urges. To this I would add that Hollywood from Shirley Temple onwards, has been actively spreading the pedosexual “meme” and the liberals in the USA really do not understand that making pedophilia and bestiality legal is a crime against all children.

03 Identifying children who are unwilling hostages in transit is easier than you might think, everyone has simply been oblivious and not thinking about the problem — child kidnapping for illicit purposes in a global epidemic.

04 It is too easy for pedophiles to travel, kill, and get back home. There is no serious information sharing among law enforcement agencies, no watchlist, no real means of properly screening people who, for example, routinely travel from Europe to the US East Coast to consume children.

05 Pedopredators (my preferred term) who are in prison will talk and there is a wealth of information that could be harvested from them and from their files that no one up to this point has been willing to do (as I have heard in police testimony, law enforcement world-wide is basically forbidden to go after pedophiles or take an interest in child abuse and child prostitution).

06 Punishment is essential — it is the only way to begin the process of healing for those abused by the pedopredators — but not recognized by anyone in authority is the proven fact that with treatment most if not all predopredators who have completed their prison sentence can be saved — kept from repeating their crimes. This requires consciousness on the part of authorities, and in investment on the part of the state. Non-confidentiality is essential — this aspect of the book is most important, the author explains why this is the only way to break the hellish cycle of pedosexual predation.

07 Most Western psychiatrists and psychologists are incompetent in this domain (Jon Rappoport would say they are frauds across the board). The minds of pedopredators and of the children they violate are not understood by the so-called professionals, which means we are a long way from getting a grip on what could be the most fundamental attack on human society in existence.

I put this book down with the deepest sense of admiration and compassion for the author. She has been living in Dante's Inferno her entire professional life, burdened by a depth of understanding of this scourge on humanity that was until the Marc Dutrox case, ignored if not scorned by the authorities. Now everyone “gets” that she is the Clarise of Europe, now what she needs is several million dollars to fund a systematic global fact-finding and  educational mission that could in the ideal lead to both a global law enforcement database helpful to stopping future pedopredation all together, and a new book to educate everyone from parents to civil servants to retail employees, on the minutia of this long neglected centuries old threat to children world-wide.

See also a book I have helped nurture, free online, by West Point graduate Joachim Hagopian, Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State.


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