Yoda: Archbishop of Adelaide Philip Wilson found guilty of covering up pedophilia – Pope Considering Resignation

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Pedophilia is everywhere.

Archbishop of Adelaide Philip Wilson found guilty of covering up child sexual abuse

The harshest sentence Magistrate Robert Stone is able to give is two years in prison, and he has the option of suspending the sentence.

Phi Beta Iota:  Adelaide is “ground zero” for high ranking pedophilies (pedopredators) in Australia, not only within the church, but among judges and politicians. The Mormon Church is just as bad as the Catholic Church; we expect major revelations in 2018 that could impact on the Utah Senate race. The Catholic and Mormon institutions continue to lie. The recent resignation of all of the Bishops in Chile is an epic confession by the Church, to the point that Pope Francis has said he is considering resignation.

See Especially:

Steele, Robert. “Pedophilia and Empire: Satan, Sodomy, Judges, and Pedophilia,” American Herald Tribune, February 25, 2018.

Joachim Hagopian, Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State  (free online and also as Amazon Kindle by the chapter).

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