Mongoose: #GoogleGestapo Secret Meeting, Focus on Censorship of Conservatives Prior to 2018 Elections

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The Russians are not hacking anything.  That is friends of John Brennan at CIA using Vault 7 protocols designed to simulate Russian hacking.  Microsoft is part of the Deep State and going along with the cover story. The whole point is to implement censorship and control procedures in  cyber-space that shut down conservative and Constitutional voices prior to November 2018.

Cyber Warfare Targets (Midterm Elections) Are Us, Not Russia…Secret Meeting Exposed

Tech Companies Are Gathering For A Secret Meeting To Prepare A 2018 Election Strategy

Phi Beta Iota: Mongoose nails it.   The entire Russian narrative is about a false flag cyber attack actually being carried out by rogue elements of CIA using protocols explicitly designed to simulate an attack originating in Russia.  Microsoft is not stupid, just complicit.   We are waiting to see if the President mandates Title 7 (anti-discrimination) and nails #GoogleGestapo with a RICO investigation as part of t he September warmup for the October (financial) surprise. Strong rumors of indictments being unsealed and arrests being made.

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