Robert Steele: Letter to the Editor of the Dispatch-Argus of East Moline, Illinois

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

Here is the seriously ignorant editorial defaming Congressional candidiate Bill Fawell.  I comment not on the candidate, but on the substance of the matter. Anyone who says 9/11 and Sandy Hook were not false flags is either a dumb ass or a liar pimping for the Deep State and Shadow Government.

Editorial: Fawell entitled to his views, voters entitled to reject them

My humble letter to the idiot editors is below the fold. Dumb asses.

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Type Your Letter: I am a former US spy, recently recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize, who actually managed a false flag operation for CIA. You display enormous ignorance, and render a grave disservice to your readers by dismissing Bill Fawell's sound judgment and public statements on both 9/11 and Sandy Hook. Your readers can see the same 28 memoranda for the President that Donald Trump received on 8 August at the White House, by going to We are organizing a similar series on Sandy Hook which was a FEMA exercise in which no one died — that master page is Please, for the sake of our democracy, stop parroting the fake news false narrative — there IS a Deep State and a Shadow Government, and Bill Fawell is your best hope of putting an honest person with a brain into Congress. Shame on you for not investigating the facts before misleading your important readers who deserve the truth, not regurgitated vomit devoid of moral and intellectual content.

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Semper Fidelis,
Robert David Steele



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