Berto Jongman: Obama Makes Euro 2 Million Attacking Trump, Nationalism Across Scandanavia

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Berto Jongman

All earned in one week.

Obama takes a dig at Trump by blasting ‘politics driven by racial divisions and rejection of science’ as he speaks to audience including Princess Marie of Denmark

In an apparent reference to his successor, the former US president said he was worried about the rise of nationalistic views and rejection of ‘science, expertise and logic’ in politics.

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Phi Beta Iota: Obama is a corrupt liar. He knows that there is no science or erpertise or logic in how the US makes decisions, it is “pay  to play” combined with legalized lying. Obama represents the Rothschilds directly, and the Deep State directly. He is the one who empowered Hillary Clinton and John Brennan to commit treason.  Nordic citizens should be furious over the amounts being paid to this individual to lie to them.

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