Caitlin Johnstone: John Bolton, Psychopath Who Threatened to Murder an Envoy’s Children to Start Iraq War is Now Guiding the Planned War on Iran

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Caitlin Johnstone at Ron Paul Conference

Throughout his appearances on such outlets as Fox NewsFox BusinessFox & Friends, CNN’s The Lead, and Conservative Review, Bolton has been repeating the blatantly false talking point that Iran is somehow uniquely egregious in the Middle East in its support for terrorist factions, calling it the “world’s central banker for international terrorism.”

Since we’re seeing so much John Bolton and so much talk of terrorists, I think this would be a good opportunity to remind everyone of the time John Bolton threatened to murder the children of an OPCW official in order to deceive the world into consenting to the Iraq war which killed a million people.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I tend to agree with Caitlin but I would add that I also consider John Bolton to be an undeclared agent of a foreign power (Zionist Israel) who should be stripped of his security clearances. I would add that I believe Larry Flynt who put out a press release to the effect that John Bolton is a known rapist, swinger, and pedophile. Zionist Israel and Saudi Arabia — not Iran or Syria or Turkey — are the primary destabilizers and rogue regimes that we should stop supporting with taxpayer funds. We also need to denuclearize the Middle East beginning with Israel, which has 200 nuclear bombs paid for by the US taxpayer. ENOUGH Already!

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