David Icke: Rothschild Zionism – Names Names, All Enemies of the USA?

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Written in 2010, this is being highlights because of its relevance to both 9/11 and President Donald Trump's attempts to take down the Deep State and its Zionist underbelly.

Rothschild Zionism

…to understand the financial crisis, 9/11 and so much more, it must be spoken constantly.

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Phi Beta Iota: There are some indicators that the Rothschilds have cut a deal. We continue to advocate Truth & Reconciliation. It is more  important to educate the many than to hang the few. For convenience, below is an index of those named as Rothschild Zionists is provided below, in alphabetical order. Lynn Rothschild, our own babe from New Jersey, is not mentioned. She had the right idea in 2014 with her concept of “Inclusive Capitalism.” We want her to prosper in the right way for the right reasons.

  • Abramovich, Roman
  • Atzmon, Menachem
  • Axelrod, David
  • Biden, Joe
  • Birnbaum, Sheila
  • Blair, Tony, (UK)
  • Brown, Gordon (UK)
  • Browner, Carol
  • Cameron, David (UK)
  • Cheney, Dick
  • Chertoff, Michael
  • Eisenberg, Lewis
  • Emanuel, Rahm
  • Feinberg, Kenneth
  • Friedman, Thomas L.
  • Frum, David
  • Galston, William
  • Geithner, Peter F.
  • Geithner, Timothy
  • Greenspan, Alan
  • Hagee, John C.
  • Hallerstein, Alvin K.
  • Harel, Ezra
  • Hayden, Dov
  • Holbrooke, Richard
  • Kahn, Jerman
  • Katz, Rita
  • Kissinger, Henry
  • Kurtzer, Daniel
  • Lauder, Ronald S.
  • Lew, Jacob
  • Lieberman, Joseph
  • Lowy, Frank
  • Mandelson, Peter (UK)
  • Mendik, Bernard
  • Milliband, David (UK)
  • Milliband, Ed (UK)
  • Millstone, David
  • Mukasey, Michael B.
  • Murdock, Rupert
  • Obama, Barack
  • Orszag, Peter
  • Rockefeller, David
  • Rosenberg, Lee
  • Ross, Dennis
  • Rubin, Robert E.
  • Rumsfeld, Donald
  • Sarkozy, Nicolas (FR)
  • Silverstein, Larry
  • Soros, George
  • Stein, Joel
  • Steinberg, James
  • Stern, Todd
  • Strauss-Kahn, Dominique (FR)
  • Summers, Larry
  • Sunstein, Cass
  • Tenet, George
  • Tisch, James
  • Trichet, Jean-Claude (FR)
  • Venzke, Ben
  • Volcker, Paul Adolph
  • Weinstein, Kenneth R.
  • Wolfensohn, James D.
  • Wolfowitz, Paul
  • Zelikow, Phillip
  • Zoellick, Robert

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