Robert Steele: Vice President Mike Pence Platitudes at Pentagon 9/11 Commemoration – Could This Be a Feint?

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

UPDATE: I have been heartened by the number of people — some of them “connected” — who scrambled on this post. The original post is below the fold. Here is the gist of what one particular President's pal wrote to me:

Trump was there on the day, and he knows the truth behind it all. Today's Sarah Sanders tweet notably does not mention terrorists, but says that 17 years ago, “we received a terrible reminder of the evil in our world.” (That'd be Cheney and gang).

First things first. Mid-Terms will be a bloodbath wiping out the Democrats, then a complete clean-out of the traitors and pedos, huge slam on CDC and big pharma over vaccines and cancer, free energy, some martial law. In other words, Trump is playing everybody.

I for one am willing to believe this. I would be comforted if he would do more to communicate his vision and his accomplishments directly to the public with a new truth channel that completely bypasses the MSM and #GoogleGestapo.

ROBERT STEELE: I was hoping for more from this Administration on the matter of 9/11 Truth.  While it is significant that the President himself did not do the Pentagon speech (the President that PROMISED he would get to the bottom of 9/11), I found Vice President Mike Pence's speech to be, in one word, dishonorable. I know the Vice President knows that Dick Cheney led and enabled a Zionist false flag attack on the Pentagon over ten years in the planning. I know the Vice President knows that 9/11 was commercial insurance fraud repurposed to be a pretext for war.

I know that the the Vice President knows that the 1993 attack was a stage-setter to prepare the public for blaming Muslims. I know the Vice President knows that the Pentagon explosives were planted inside the Pentagon by Pentagon insiders. The Vice President just spent thirty minutes lying to every U.S. citizen. I join the families of 9/11, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, the Lawyer's Committee of Inquiry into 9/11, and every retired and active duty veteran and law enforcement professional and well as every U.S. citizen with a brain, in expressing scorn and disdain for the Vice President's remarks.  Our capital demands of the President remain:

01 Honor your campaign promise to get to the bottom of 9/11

02 Mandate the criminal grand jury in the Southern District of New York as demanded by the 54-page submission from the Lawyer's Committee

03 Support the Bobby Mcllvaine World Trade Center Investigation Act.

Anything less is a betrayal of the public trust and an abdication of the responsibilities of the Presidency on the most fundamental issue of our time: are we to be governed within a web of lies? Or on the basis of the truth?

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