Robert Steele: Time to Occupy the Federal Reserve

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

Trump goes to war with the Fed

Facing declines in the stock market after nearly two years of cheerleading, the president is attacking the central bank chief he picked for the post.

ROBERT  STEELE: Politico has it completely wrong.  There is nothing neutral about the Federal Reserve — it is the occupying army of the Deep State. The time has come to overturn the Federal Reserve Act. It would not be unreasonable for the President to recall Congress to do this prior to November elections.

The Federal Reserve is a SCAM. It issues promissory notes that allow it to steal, while allowing the creation of false wealth by bankers (normal people cannot just make up money) and imposing a 2% inflation target that amounts to both a tax on the public and the completion of the scam — by the time notes come due they are worthless. #EndTheFed.


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