Robert Steele: The Second American Revolution – Abbreviated Reflections

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

The Second American Revolution – Abbreviated Reflections

Russian International Affairs Council

26 November 2018

I had occasion recently to engage with the thinking of the very talented Professor Igor Panarin, a most distinguished Russian intelligence officer and strategic forecaster, and today the dean of the Russian school for future diplomats. In 1998 he predicted the break-up of the USA by 2010 – a Balkanized USA influenced by others, with Alaska going completely to Russia.

I have published an eighteen page response to him (with seven graphics and fifty-six endnotes each containing links to sources), easily found at I thought here to provide an abbreviated version (below) of my thinking for members of the Russian International Affairs Council.

Focusing only on the fundamentals – a dysfunctional election system that disenfranchises 70% of the eligible voters; a wanton citizenship system that has granted US citizenship to as many as 5 million Chinese ready to vote as directed in future elections; a dollar that is not backed by anything combined with a criminal banking system; a water, food, and air system that is toxic by design, creating fat stupid people; and an information ecology that is completely controlled by the Deep State and Shadow Government to the point that fake news is now the national standard – Professor Panarin is correct. The USA should have disintegrated in 2000 when the Bush Crime Family was known to have stolen the Presidential election; in 2001 when the Bush Crime Family and the Zionists executed the 9/11 false flag operation in planning since 1989; in 2003 when the Bush Crime Family invaded Iraq on the basis of 925 lies; in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina – which may have been created with geoengineering – demonstrated the abject incapacity of the federal government to rescue those in obvious distress; in 2007 when illegal immigration peaked at 11 million (and those are just the ones that have been counted); in 2008 when the criminal US banking system imploded only to be saved without reason by the federal government at taxpayer expense; in 2010 when the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) was first given authority to do intrusive body searches of anyone anywhere – and particularly including small children; and so on.

Fortunately, praise be to God, Professor Panarin under-estimated from his distant observation post in Russia four things:

01 The historical self-sufficiency in cultural and economic terms of the “nine nations of North America” as described in Joel Gareau’s book by that title;

02 The degree to which Zionists control every aspect of the information ecology in America – education, entertainment, mainstream media, social media. They need a USA able to wage elective wars because the Balkanization of the Middle East – Plan Yinon – will not happen if the USA is Balkanized;

03 The degree to which forces of good – spiritual, patriotic, financial, military forces of good – recognized 9/11 for what it was, and immediately began a twenty-year plan to dismantle the Deep State and the Shadow Government that declared itself on 9/11, an atrocity that still defines the USA today; and

04 The degree to which Native American tribes will be able to restore their sovereignty over lands that are still available in part because of the federalization of so much land in Alaska and west of the Mississippi (which is say almost 80% of all land west of the Mississippi).

Had Hillary Clinton won as planned by the Deep State, using election fraud such as she used to steal thirteen primary elections from Bernie Sanders, I believe there would have been a military coup d’état at some point, or an assassination. Hillary Clinton, as I stated in my open letter to then Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), is the ultimate manifestation in one person of treason, pedophilia, electoral fraud, and charity fraud. She is not hanging from a tree today because Donald Trump is extremely clever, and understands that Dick Cheney must hang first (for 9/11), to eliminate any possible criticism of partisan bias.

The odds of Donald Trump winning the election were 200-1 at worst, 20-1 at best. He did not want to win, he did not expect to win, and he – and his wife – were both dismayed when they actually won and won in a manner that could not be over-turned by the Supreme Court.

Once he won, however, the White Hats that were almost certainly contemplating a coup or an assassination of a known traitor had she won, had another option: help The Donald take down the Deep State. It is extremely relevant that both General Secretary Xi Jinping and President Vladimir Putin were intimately appraised of the treason, pedophilia, and fraud represented by Hillary Clinton, and that they almost certainly communicated to President Donald Trump the immediate benefits of forming a triumvirate able to restructure the international financial system (which is to say, put down the Rothschilds, the Vatican, and the Chabad Zionists not to be confused with Jews); able to unify and denuclearize the Koreas; and able eventually to denuclearize the Middle East starting with Zionist Israel. The reality of the power of three specific men who trust and respect one another more than they trust or respect their own staffs filled with apparatchiks and opportunists, cannot be over-stated.

From where I sit there is much to be said for a modified restored USA. If the USA is to avoid being Balkanized by external evil powers – I do not refer to China or Russia or even Mexico, the latter master of combining legal and illegal immigration to achieve co-equal status for Spanish at Home Depot and across the USA) – but rather to the Deep State that uses Central Banks to manage and the upper ranks of secret societies to fix and bribe and blackmail – then the following four things need to happen if the USA is to avoid fulfilling Professor Panarin’s prophecy:

01 Election Reform – we must restore integrity to how we elect.

02 Intelligence Reform – we must restore integrity to how we decide.

03 Tax Reform – we must restore integrity to how we fund government operations.

04 Economic Reform – we must displace private banking and restore integrity to our financial affairs.

What all four reforms have in common is that they terminate the “top down” control of the USA by the Rothschilds, the Vatican, and the Chabad Zionists, and they reinstate the grass roots “bottom up” common sense and wisdom of the crowds. The era of the 1% abusing, genociding, and stealing from the 99% is drawing to a close.

I discuss and provide a graphic and endnotes for each of the four reforms in the longer article. Our President Donald Trump is doing magnificently on the fourth – Economic Reform – and I date to hope my insights and notes not available through the Mainstream Media (MSM) might be of interest to members of the Russian International Affairs Council.

What our President has failed to do – understandably but no less of a dismay – is to focus on electoral reform, intelligence reform, and tax reform – real tax reform, which is to say, the elimination of inflation by nationalizing the Federal Reserve, and the elimination of all federal taxes in favor of bottom up transaction or sales taxes.

I have a plan to press our President in 2020, still supporting him to win but opposing Mike Pence with ever fiber in my being should the President not run as is increasingly rumored. However 2020 goes, I have a plan for 2024 to finish the job he started.

For the first time, I will reveal that plan here.

Imagine a coalition team, nominally independent but comprised of a nationally-known individuals from each of the two main parties, each of the small parties, and the Independents. Each individual will run for the nomination of their respective party; if they lose they will continue to represent that party within the team.

Imagine this team naming a coalition cabinet and publishing a balanced budget while challenging the president to do the same. Imagine this team having a website ( in which every major political, economic, and social issue of note is put before the public for a non-binding online vote, with a strongly financed effort to get 100 million citizens to visit the website to vote? Imagine this team having enough money and the organization that money can buy to deliver an email or a postcard to every single eligible voter in the USA?

Below is the graphic I sent to President Trump to help him win the mid-terms. It was either blocked by his gate keepers or the President chose to ignore it as he chose to ignore the ten suggestions that I and Dr. Cynthia McKinney offered him in my online post “10 Moves to Hold the House” at


As my friend Alvin Toffler liked to say, Leon Trotsky was famous for saying “you may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.” I have modified that to say “you may not be interested in the truth, but the truth is interested in you.”

Change is coming. It will be rooted in truth and focused on creating a prosperous world at peace.

Educating and respecting the average citizen – and ensuring that cultural and ethnic integrity are protected going forward – are central to peace among nations and prosperity for every community.

President Donald Trump can get with the program – and be the greatest president ever – or he can muddle through the balance of his term and our coalition team will finish the job from 2020 onwards.

I want the President to run and win in 2020, but if he does understand the above graphic and act on it, he does not deserve a second term and we all have an obligation to carry on with the Trump Revolution with or without the President.

I articulate these thoughts with love and respect for the President – tough love, and unconditional respect.

Semper Fidelis,
Robert David Steele

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