Robert Steele: Deep State is Starting World War III UPDATE 3: Victoria Nuland & Zionists Seek Two-Front War Against Russia & Iran

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UPDATE 3: Victoria Nuland & Zionists Seek Two-Front War Against Russia & Iran

A senior retired officer wrote this:

Vicky Nuland ordered  [Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko] to start a war with Russian Federation and guaranteed that NATO and Pentagon would step in and defeat the Russians? NeoCons, PNACers and Zionists believe that unless Russian Federation is stopped using war on two fronts (Crimea and Syria/Iran, the US Petro Dollar and Israel/Saudi Arabia are finisimo?

I am personally worried that Israel has a plan to lure Iran into a strike and is then relying on the US to bail it out (or the Israelis are over-confident of their own nuclear capabilities against Iran). I personally think Netanyahu is a criminally insane individual with a messianic complex, and that Iran is vastly more competent and able to hold its own.

If I were President, apart from assigning Bill Binney full authority to harvest everything NSA has on Victoria Nuland and known associates including General Scaparrotti; I would also be making a very strong public statement of disengagement (as well as firing Scaparrotti and pulling all US forces back and announcing an intend to pull completely out of NATO).  This is out of control.

UPDATE 2: NATO Using Ukraine Provocations to Start WWIII

As I warned, NATO has been trying to start WWIII with provocative actions, including written encouragement of the Ukraine to provoke Russia, deliberate NATO flights over Russia, and — I speculate — the movement of nuclear artillery shells into countries adjacent to Russia. Russia has interfered with NATO GPS and is now moving air defense preparatory to shooting down NATO aircraft beginning with unmanned drones.

As I warned and suggested, President Donald Trump needs to relieve General Curtis Scaparrotti of command, terminate US participation in NATO exercises, and withdraw all US forces including CIA and PMC* from all countries adjacent to Russia starting with the Ukraine.   President Trump should meet President Putin, privately, translators only, during the G-20 meeting.

NATO’s Trident Juncture 18 Playing With Fire

Putin Authorizes US Spy Plane Takedown After West Uses Tin-Pot Ukrainian Tyrant To Save Their Own Skins

Emergency alert: North Koreans warn of Zionist plan to start WWIII in Korea and Crimea [PBI: there  are signs Zionists have excessive influence in China]

* Private Military Corporations

UPDATE 1: The Two Presidents Had Unscheduled Meeting in Paris

Neither I nor the Director General of the Russian International Affairs Council can take credit for it, but our respective presidents did have an unscheduled meeting in Paris on Sunday. Between now and Thanksgiving is the greatest risk (the capstone command & control exercise is underway).


While Moscow Talks About Treaties, the Deep State is Starting World War III – Now – This Month!

As published in Russian International Affairs Council blog, 9 November 2018. Full text below the fold.

I make it a point to check the Russian International Affairs Council pages regularly, and I was not disappointed when I found President Igor Ivanov’s article, “Road to Nowhere,” as published also in The Moscow Times.[1] Everything stated in this article is in my view correct.

HOWEVER, there is nothing in this article about the possibilities, in the next three weeks, of World War III starting because the Deep State owns the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and two of the Deep State’s top servants – Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg (Norway) and Supreme Allied Commander Europe General Curtis Scaparrotti (USA), have in my speculative view, planned the exercise TRIDENT JUNCTURE (TRJE18),[2] in such a way as to make possible a first strike against Russia after a NATO GLADIO false flag operation[3] takes place with one and perhaps more simulated Russian attacks manufactured as a Casus belli.[4]

I am especially worried about the long guns now in Norway, in violation of the Norwegian Constitution in my view, each capable of delivering nuclear munitions,[5] and about the MK-41 launching systems deployed during the varied NATO exercises (over 15 of them) this past year – each easily repurposed for firing banned ground-based cruise missiles.

We have three rogues at NATO, the third being Kay Bailey Hutchison, a woman who may have inadvertently revealed that the Deep State (not President Donald Trump and probably not Secretary of Defense James Mattis either) is planning a first-strike on Russia this year, before Russia completes its modernization program in 2020-2022.[6]

I am an old spy, and I ran a false flag operation for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).  I am intimately familiar with both the nature of such operations, and the frequency with which they are done both within NATO’s normal sphere of operations – the Red Guard terrorists in Italy were a NATO false flag operation – and across the USA, where 9/11 was planned by the Zionists with the direct embrace in 1990 of George H. W. Bush and then Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney, and executed by the Zionists with the protection of de facto President, titular Vice President, Dick Cheney in 2001.[7] Since the modification of the Smith-Mundt Act under President Barack Obama, legalizing the telling of lies to the US public,[8] false flag operations by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have become a staple in the USA – generally faked deaths but with some real deaths, we have had a series of false flag events, from Sandy Hook[9] to the most recent Pittsburg Synagogue event.[10] Under Obama these were intended to justify the eventual confiscation of all guns; under President Trump they appear to be a budget-building exercise toward a full police state and because of the President’s more pressing issues, such as the denuclearization of the Middle East,[11] have not been subject to his guidance.

As a former Marine Corps infantry officer – indeed the Commandant of the Marine Corps today was a lieutenant one year senior to me in Battalion Landing Team 3/4 where he served as a company commander while I served as the S-1/Adjutant – I am deeply troubled by General Bob Neller’s telling his Marines to expect “a big-ass fight” with Russia.”[12] This is alarming. General Neller, whose past assignments include that of President, Marine Corps University, is an extremely intelligent and balanced person. His saying that, in Norway, which is now armed to the teeth and receiving a portion of the largest arms shipment from the US to Europe since Kosovo,[13] is alarming.

I am certain in my heart that NATO GLADIO is planning one or more false flag operations as part of TRIDENT JUNCTURE. I am deeply worried that TRIDENT JUNCTURE includes the distribution of nuclear artillery munitions to US forces now deployed.

It is my personal view, given the most delicate matters before all of us at this time, that President Vladimir Putin should express directly to President Donald Trump his concern when they meet in Paris on Sunday 11 November, the anniversary date of the end of World War I, which was itself started by a false flag event.

Although a formal meeting is not planned, President Putin is perfectly capable of whispering in President Trump’s ear, when they meet to shake hands, and in English, “We should talk –you may have lost control of Scaparrotti and he could be planning to start a war without your permission.”

It merits comment that our two Presidents, and General Secretary Xi Jinping, are reported to have agreed that they would not allow themselves to be manipulated into starting WWIII.[14] What none of them may have foreseen was the combination of Deep Staters Stoltenberg, Scaparrotti,[15] and Hutchinson – all as crazy and fanatical as former NATO Commander Philip Breedlove[16] – going rogue.

If I were President of the USA today, I would recall Scaparrotti for consultation and keep him in Washington, while mandating the immediate withdrawal of all US forces from all countries bordering on Russia. I believe Presidents Putin and Trump are being “set up” for a confrontation that will scale out of control because the Americans in charge of NATO lust for war and have arranged a pretext for war.

I will end by recollecting the shared confidence between President John F. Kennedy, before he was assassinated by the Deep State, and Premier Nikita Khrushchev – both agreed that the greatest enemies to peace were their own generals.[17] I believe that most Russian generals and many American generals no longer lust for a war between our two countries but I also believe that NATO is the weak link in the fragile peace that we have right now.

Please, President Putin, whisper in our President’s ear on Sunday, “We should talk –you may have lost control of Scaparrotti and he could be planning to start a war without your permission.”

IMAGE CREDIT: The Daily Star


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