Berto Jongman: Future IoT Needs Privacy & Security by Design

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Berto Jongman

IoT Future Needs Privacy, Security by Design

“A significant number of smart devices, including smart CCTV cameras, thermostats or smart TVs, are insecure by design,” said Petrus. “It’s not even possible to make some of them more secure as they’ve been made with hard-coded account names and passwords that can’t be changed.”

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: 5G is a weapons systems that will finish off the job of killing sperm, dumbing down humans, and asserting control by group and by individual, via mind-control technologies that have been under development since the 1950's. The Internet of Things is a crime against humanity and it is an absolute disgrace that the US Government is allowing this to go forward.  While LtGen Vince Stewart, USMC, finally  figured out what I  and others have been trying to tell the government since my first letter in 1994, the fact is that DARPA, NSA, NASA, CIA, DHS, FCC, etcetera are all deliberately malicious when it comes  to protecting the public interest.  Anything goes, never mind the “true cost” to society and humanity and the root source of national power, the U.S. public. We need a Presidential commitment to shut this entire effort down, at the same time that geoengineering, Monsanto, and other toxic remnants of predatory capitalism are shut down.

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