CounterPunch: The End of the NRA?

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The End of the NRA? Business Magazines Tell Activists: The Strategy is Working

Good news for humanity: the NRA is weakening. The gun-lobbying group is in “deep financial trouble,” Fortune Magazine reported, and warns that the NRA may not be able to keep going.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: This is not good news.  It comes at the same time that the Boy Scouts of America are considering bankruptcy in the face of all the pedophilia lawsuits. The NRA is supposed to be both a citizen militia training network, and a citizen civics focal point — there is nothing more salutory for a democracy than to have an armed, engaged, educated citizenry.  Oliver North has been an abysmal failure at the NRA as its new President, to the point that I suspect he is passively if not actively charged with keeping the NRA on the sidelines and not challenging the anti-gun agenda that includes false flag shootings at schools, clubs, and shopping malls. The NRA should not relying on businesses for its funding, it should be relying on individual citizens. My bottom line: the NRA is lost — it has lost its focus, and its integrity. I would like very much to save the NRA and expand its members to 100 million or more, but with its current leadership it is not likely new ideas will be entertained.


Boy Scouts of America may declare bankruptcy

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