Mongoose: President Nancy Pelosi? Seriously.

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Be very afraid….this is a legitimate plan.

Alert Reader sends in:

Nancy Pelosi really could become President this year

David Hodges did a spooky piece on how Nacy Pelosi could become President, and if Trump does not take action in December he will probably be out of office before July, Pence will probably also be outed in the same time frame (before he can appoint a new Vice President, ) and Pelosi, as speaker of the house, will become president.

That’s the game plan, bet on it.

I laid awake scared for hours over this. If Pelosi becomes president, we’re TOAST. Hodges then references the Deagel report, which claims a 200, 000, 000 population reduction in the United States will happen in the next few years, and claims that Pelosi will likely head this mass killing of Americans.

Could it happen? YEP. You can almost bet on it. And Rush Limbaugh recently stating Trump is toast, because there are too many disloyal fake Republicans in the senate to keep him safe, yes, it could happen. Remember, Mueller was the one who handed over the uranium in the uranium one scandal. Why this creep is around anymore to bother the president escapes all rationality. It simply should not be, yet it is. Bottom line: If Trump does not get rid of Mueller before Christmas, it is GAME OVER for the entire country.

Phi Beta Iota: This was sourced to Jim Stone, who is beloved by many but has a mixed track record — for example, his recent celebration of French rioters saying “We Want Trump” turned out to be English protesters (dancing on top of the unique British double decker bus) with obvious UK police visible). Still, such attentive voices as that of Roger Stone confirm this is both a feasible scenario and a legitimate concern. We believe President Trump has a number of moves, both economic and legal, that will turn the tide in December but if he fails to broaden his base, then Pelosi will be squeezing his balls for the rest of his term and he will not be the “greatest President ever.” President Trump has enormous potential for good, but until he gets himself a serious staff that is not constantly filtering his mail and watering down his decisions, he is a prisoner in a lunatic asylum where the keeper, Kelly, is on record as saying that he is certain that the President is “unhinged.” We do not agree. The President is myopic and not ready to think truly big thoughts (election reform, truth channel, pardons for blacks and Native Americans, etcetera), but he is on the right path and needs to be freed of the parasites around him that are constantly undermining him.

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