Review: In the Shadows of a Presidency by Daniel Estulin

4 Star, America (Founders, Current Situation), Banks, Fed, Money, & Concentrated Wealth, Capitalism (Good & Bad), Crime (Corporate), Democracy, Intelligence (Government/Secret), Misinformation & Propaganda, Peace, Poverty, & Middle Class

Daniel Estulin

4 Stars – Useful Summary

The core of this book is that the Queen of England and the British Empire, with MI-6 prominently serving as a global saboteur and blackmail agent, is the heart of the Deep State, NOT the Rothschilds and NOT the Zionists.

The author buys in the 9/11 official narrative and relies too heavily on single sources (LaRouche, Madsen, Fitts) for each chapter while missing the giants (e.g. Peter Dale Scott on the Deep State) — this is an Internet sourced book, not a library sourced book.

He does, however, provide a useful compilation of insights, generally from others and woven together here for good effect, and I have no regrets about buying and reading this book along with his earlier Tavistock Institute: Social Engineering the Masses,  that again seeks to demonize the British while giving everyone else — particularly the Zionists and the Vatican — a bye.

Here are some of my notations:

  • British Empire (Royal Family plus City of London) is the real enemy of all
  • Empire uses the Club of Isles, QuantumFundNV, and “servants” such as the Rothchilds and Soros as executors
  • Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is an MI-6 front, not a Zionist front. On page 59 he states that Saul Steinberg and Eric Trist of Tavistock Institute control the ADL
  • Putin and Trump are aligned against the banks
  • Clinton was the bank's preferred candidate
  • Dick Cheney is Donald Trump's mortal enemy
  • FBI protects the banks and James Comey particularly refused to go after the banks for financial fraud on a global scale
  • Goldman Sachs is the most wildly speculative of the banks
  • US secret intelligence community uses softwares such as PROMIS to do insider trading and amass huge offshore fortunes
  • Snowden was a CIA attack against NSA — CIA is in danger from NSA [I myself have publicly speculated that Snowden, a high school graduate working at NSA as a security guard, was recruited by CIA to this specific end.]
  • Deep State has panicked, striving to achieve full-up police state with 5G, embedded chips, FEMA as  Gestapo, etcetera –eugenics was supposed to be the 20th century solution for the 1% against the 99%, it did not work
  • I have a note that he overstates the ability of the super-rich
  • Europe is going the way of the USSR, will break up completely
  • Israel gone by 2022
  • US Federal Reserve is bankrupt
  • Trump is right about the wall being needed
  • Zionism and Muslim Brotherhood were both created by MI-6 to fragment the Middle Eas for the benefit of the British Empire
  • Migration of unemployed Muslim males is a deliberate campaign to fragment Europe, subvert national cultures, and destroy cohesion across white Europe
  • I have a note, he oversells Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • I have a note, states and provinces must refuse federal or national taxation, insist on bottom up funding of the whole
  • China (intelligence and triads) running drugs at global scale even if forbidden within China
  • I must say that I like very much his discussion of how Trump is the anti-Empire candidate who is striving to save the US economy and the welfare of the 99% against the banks and the financial system itself that benefits the 1%

QUOTE (20): The chief vulnerability of that Order is its complete disregard for the fundamental laws of physical economic science.

  • Drug money — dirty money — is the blood of the Deep State's financial system — without it the Western economy would collapse.

QUOTE (86): The system is rigged, and here is the problem with it: People who live in a rigged system get stupid.

QUOTE (89): “This guy (Trump) thinks that the United States of America is his building.” Entire book is worth reading just for the pages around this insight.

QUOTE (105). Citing Wayne Madsen, “Even before he was inaugurated on January 20, President Trump faced a virtual ‘CIA within the CIA' that is bound and determined to derail his intelligence and foreign policy agendas.”

QUOTE (176): In  this instance we are seeing mass migration engineered by political and business leadership to refresh labor pools, create controlled voter pools, and to significantly increase the domestic need for centralized government and enforcement in a manner that erodes t he effective political power of an educated middle class.

I am reminded of Wayne Jett's The Fruits of Graft, that documents the banks creating the Great Depression, with the complicity of then Democratic president Franklin Delano Roosevelt, precisely to destroy the growing middle class.

Drawing on LaRouche he suggests that real reform requires an end to private banking and its right to print money and issue credit, while also suggesting that Trump should outlaw all forms of derivatives. I am reminded of:

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He lacks an understanding of how Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) can create a prosperous world at peace within 20 years at 20% the cost of the predatory Western economic (financialized) model, but he is clear on stating that the current world war is between the Main Street economy of farmers, cowboys and ordinary workers, versus the Wall Street economy rooted in petro-dollars and massive fraud (as well as drug money).

He is wrong about new technologies (Nano, Bio, Info, Cogno) being the solution, the actual solution reinstates humans as the engine of production, but he does see how localized production and localized currencies can be a solution.  I offer other books on this point:

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The book ends with a nod toward Donald Trump as a potential savior of the US economy, positive comments about Russia as his epic partner, and a predition that regional economies will emerge, with regional currencies, and nation-states will blend away.

On balance this book was well worth reading, the author has done a good job of blending quotes from others, this is a secondary work rather than a primary work, but a very fine introduction for those who do not have the time or money to read many books, and therefore most positively recommended.

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