Berto Jongman: Max Igan Analysis of New Zealand False Flag Event in Christchurch Mosque UPDATE 1: Second Video from Max

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Berto Jongman

In this video Max Igan provides us with an alternative view of the Christchurch massacre. By analyzing the background of the shooter, the live-streamed video of the event by Facebook, the media response and the government response, he concludes that the massacre has all the hallmarks of a false flag event, a black op or a Manchurian-candidate like event.

Additional summary text below the fold, and links to related reports.

He reminds us not to fight about details but to keep the big picture in mind. It is all about gun control, censorship, surveillance, silencing the independent media and world government. He criticizes so-called ‘experts' that claim to have done ‘ forensic analysis' and make wrong conclusions, make false claims and spread disinformation that can be used by the government as ammunition. He also criticizes the Q-movement trying to jump on the bandwagon and trying to establish a link with the deep state and gun control in the US.

Igan thinks of himself as a person thinking critically and having a perspective on the incident like many others. By reasoning and exchanging perspectives we eventually will be able to reach a definite verdict on the Christchurch massacre.


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UPDATE 1: Second Video from Max

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