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6 Star An Extraordinary Gift to America – Indicts & Impeaches Jared Kushner for Multiple Crimes While Exposing “First Daughter” Ivanka Trump Kushner as a Vacuous Disruptive Beauty

As a professional intelligence officer with counterintelligence experience, there is absolutely no question in my mind but that my CIA colleagues were 100% on the money when they denied Jared Kushner the security clearances necessary to be effective in the White House, the pinnacle of national and global power. This book provides the public with – in effect – a national counterintelligence threat study on a single individual who is, apart from being completely incompetent – an active traitor who is in active violation of multiple financial fraud, tax evasion, and real estate compliance laws. Kushner is, among many odious things including being an agent of more than one foreign power, a slum lord suing his impoverished tenants in New York and Baltimore for sums that are beneath contempt. In passing it reveals his wife, the President’s daughter, for the vacuous entitled beauty that she is.

Totally apart from their combination of criminality (mostly Jared Kushner) and idiocy (both), this book makes it clear that Jared and Ivanka Kushner are Democrats, not Republicans, who are constantly manipulating and deceiving the President of the United States because he has a massive blind spot with it comes to his “babe” (daughter) and her (probably homosexual) husband whom I have been told by a source in London is believed to have been sexually and financially compromised by both Zionist and Arab men of wealth.  The Kushner family loyalty, we learn on page 73, is to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

The most urgent question in my own mind, in the context of Robert Mueller’s special investigation being concluded, is this: why on earth was Jared Kushner not indicted? Of all of the people on the Trump team who met with foreigners, most innocently, Kushner was the one constant reeking of bald criminality. It is Kushner, not Mike Flynn, who should have been the first indictment. I am especially troubled by evidence in this book that Kushner – who is amoral in a Hannibal Lecter sort of way – sought with his lawyer to very deliberately throw Donald Trump Jr. to the wolves in relation to the now completely discredited Russian complicity witch hunt.

This book answers my question in three parts that I bring together here upfront, more details down below. Kushner was not indicted by Mueller because his case was so big and so removed from the Russian witch hunt now known to be a fraud, that it was referred to another (conventional) US Attorney and Kushner is today in massive legal jeopardy. The combination of the Qatari billion dollar bribe (99 years rent paid in advance for 666 building of the beast) and Kushner fronting for his father, a convicted felon illegally participating in all key meetings via speakerphone), will end Kushner’s life as he knows it. The final dollop: Corey Lewandowski is getting $500K a month (a month) from Qatar and could be — my speculation here — an FBI informant in lieu of properly registering as an agent of multiple foreign powers.

Jared Kushner appears to be a traitor serving multiple foreign powers for money and a serial criminal in league with his felon father.

The author misses only one major aspect of Jared Kushner’s mis-behavior, perhaps because she did not talk to Chris Christie or Chris Christie would not talk.  Kushner DESTROYED the months of Transition Team work led by Christie and producing a twelve-volume action menu that would have easily tripled the President’s effectiveness in his first year. Jared Kushner is the treasonous son-in-law who has single-handedly betrayed our President on multiple occasions to great effect…and he is still in the White House.

Ivanka Trump Kushner is in Kushner’s shadow throughout the book, despite some efforts by the author to suggest that it is Ivanka that has the balls in the family (which tracks with the alleged homosexuality of Charles Kushner and the alleged homosexuality of Jared Kushner). Ivanka is on the one hand a sad spectacle of an unloved daughter visiting her boarding school without father or mother, getting major breast enhancements around 2006, perhaps to increase her sex appeal to her father but certainly to other older men who might validate her, and generally being a pain in the ass, despised by one and all, in the White House, where the combined ignorance of the couple may never have been exceeded in the history of the Executive.

Ivanka may or may not know this: Kushner almost certainly does not love her.  She is a shiksa, a tool toward power, and however much she might try to comply with conversion, she is his shiksa to the end, her wealth being his to steal and dispose of over time. The children are half-breeds, not of a bloodline Jewish mother, to be sidelined when the time is right [this observation of mine is not in the book]. Ivanka, the book does make clear, is part three of the Charlie Kushner post-prison rehabilitation plan: move to Manhattan; buy a newspaper; marry into New York royalty. Not covered by the book is the high probability that Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell profiled Ivanka and then worked with the Mossad to arrange for her to “fall” for Jared Kushner in an orchestrated series of “chance encounters,” the spy world’s favorite amusement outside of pedophilia entrapment, Epstein’s specialty for the Mossad with apparent CIA and FBI complicity which is why Epstein is not in prison for life. This was, in my view, an “arranged” marriage, as was Chelsea Clinton’s.

[Note: When I sent my long review out for comment, I immediately received this photograph of Ivanka at an early age (before her nose job and breast implants) with the comment: “Ivanka might actually be from a Khazar Jewish bloodline, which would make her ‘conversion’ a massive Chabad joke on the planet.”  I have no idea myself, from where I sit they deserve to work out their life as they wish, but they should not be allowed to screw up the White House and our President’s attempts to dismantle the Deep State of which Zionist Israel is a major foundation and enforcer.]

The author provides useful context for the blend of criminality that appears to characterize Orthodox Jewish businesses that actively believe they do not have to obey the rules created by goyim or states. “Rules are for other people.” Given my deep understanding of Zionist espionage across the USA, including the penetration of most communications and computing systems such that criminal Zionists have an insider trading advantage that would cause Gordon Gekko, goyim shmuck, to weep tears of envy, I consider this book a useful orientation for law enforcement professionals dealing with Jewish white collar criminal networks.

My last bottom line up front: we learn in Chapter Twelve that the President can and will stand up to Ivanka – fire Ivanka – when he needs to. Given the proven toxicity of Jared Kushner and his own daughter – this is good news for I firmly believe he cannot win in 2020 without cleaning house, starting with his in-laws.

Below are more detailed extractions of value from this most valuable and extraordinary book.

There are intimations that Charlie Kushner may have mental instability issues, and the book documents outright Charlie Kushner’s justified incarceration for fraud and blackmail; his very bad judgment in bribing government officials and in hiring convicted felons; and his deeply abusive behavior toward many people including most of his employees. The degree to which fraud of every kind was embedded into every aspect of Charlie Kushner’s business life is well documented early on in the book.

Jared Kushner was a rotten student – in the third of five tracks – and his admission to Harvard as a result of Charlie Kushner’s bribery of Harvard is directly tied in the book to the non-admission of a vastly more qualified student in the first of the five tracks who broke down in tears on learning of this injustice.

As Donald Trump contemplates the race for 2020, he may wish to remember that Cory Booker was funded by Charlie Kushner and the two used to meet secretly.  Is Booker gay as well? He has been accused of gay sexual assault and appears to be following in the footsteps of openly gay former governor (funded by Charlies Kushner), Jim McGreevey, whose constant companion was a Zionist gay.

Chapter Four, “She’s Got the Biggest Set of Balls in the Room,” is a stunningly good piece of work on Ivanka’s sad lonely upbringing, the breast implants as a young lady and erotic posing, skipping school to the point she was expelled from Chapin, somehow getting accepted and even graduating, at least on paper, from the University of Pennsylvania, and being tutored by Felix Sater.  Felix Sater is a world-class member of the Red Mafiya (the Russian-Zionist-American criminal network) who saved his ass by becoming an informant for the FBI and persuading Donald Trump to join him with the FBI as a form of insurance.  It worked. I drew from this chapter a sense of Ivanka’s amoral ruthlessness; her insouciance in relation to money laundering and dealing with criminal elements world-wide; her complete ignorance about the fundamentals of any business; and her willingness to lie for effect.

The book does not address Ivanka’s many boyfriends before Jared Kushner – including Nat Rothschild who “passed” on her, and the book does not speculate about whether Ivanka slept with, among others, Felix Sater, as part of her power-building. Sater was exiled from Trump Tower by Donald Trump, very very reluctantly, at the insistence of Ivanka, and one must wonder at the passion with which she insisted he be thrown on the street after decades of devotion and value to Donald Trump, not least of all keeping him safe with both the mob and the FBI.

Chapter Five “The Tower of Debt” makes it clear that Jared Kushner fronted for a felon, his father, in the acquisition of 666 Fifth Avenue, and told so many lies, violated so many laws, that he should clearly be investigated, indicted, convicted, and incarcerated for this one deal, that concluded with Jared Kushner becoming an agent of Qatar, a traitor to the United States of America.

Some useful background is provided on Brad Parscale as Jared Kushner’s “lackey,” and the manner in which an outright criminal organization, Cambridge Analytica, ended up being central to the Trump campaign database endeavor. The author has it wrong on page 82 when she repeats the Russian hacking story promulgated by the DNC, in fact Seth Rich downloaded the documents and passed them to Julian Assange via Ambassador Craig Murray.  The author also has it wrong on the entire Sergei Magnitsky narrative, on page 85. William Browder was an agent of the CIA executing the Gold War devised by GHW Bush and Dick Cheney, with Buzzy Krongard and John Brennan as  the principal managers. All three of them should be extradited to Russia, and the Magnitsky legislation sponsored by traitor and war criminal John McCain, nullified.

Steve Bannon is clearly a major source for Chapter Ten, “Is This That Bad,” and I have to say, for all of Bannon’s assholeness, he grows on you over time – if you are going to play in the mud with pigs, Bannon is one of the pigs you want on your team. There is a lot about Bannon to like, and that comes out in this chapter, as does every reason not to like (or respect) Jared Kushner who may be a close to a functional and political illiterate as it is possible to be. For me there are two bottom lines: neither Kushner nor Ivanka really believed in Donald Trump’s chances of being President – nor do they share his gut instincts on America First and what is right for America – and if I had to choose between Jarvanka and Bannon, Bannon is the lesser evil and the more talented – the President made the wrong choice when he let Bannon go.

We learn in passing that Kushner is heavily engaged in secret meetings around the world that have not been cleared by  the President or the Department of State; and that in passing, it was Barack Obama that knifed Mike Flynn in a personal conversation with Donald Trump (page 103).

We learn that Jamie Gorelick, Zionist tool (she helped cover up the Zionist planning and execution of 9/11), is Kushner’s lawyer, and a very bad lawyer. She let him make a mess of his security clearance process, and seems as casual about US security regulations as Kushner is.

QUOTE (114): Kushner was increasingly caught up in his own mythology. He was the president’s son-in-law, so he apparently thought he was untouchable.

QUOTE (117): It was as if Kushner viewed Netanyahu as his boss and Obama as his enemy.

QUOTE (118): Kushner came off as extraordinarily arrogant. “It came across that he really believed he could control Trump.”

Chapter Twelve, “The Secretary of Everything,” is valuable for two points.

First, we learn that Sheldon Adelson paid $20 million to President Trump’s campaign with one demand: to move the Embassy to Jerusalem. It is well established by that Jerusalem is a corpus separatum and such a move is totally against international law, but the money was paid and the move was made. I am prepared to offer $40 million to reverse that move. It is my hope – reinforced by the President not being in Jerusalem for the travesty that cast Prince Jared and Princess Ivanka as the heroes – that he is playing the Zionists, and as Q has said, we will eradicate the Zionists last. Sheldon Adelson needs to move to Israel in anticipation of his US citizenship being stripped from him for cause – if the Chinese don’t kidnap him first over Macao.

Second, and this is YUGELY important, we learn that the President can and will stand up to Ivanka when the facts are clear. In brief, what this book does, what makes this book priceless to bi-partisan America, is set the stage for the President firing his own daughter and her Zionist head of household.

Chapter Thirteen, like Chapter Five, is an indictment of Jared Kushner, this time in relation to Chinese meetings and financial arrangement that would have led to anyone else both being fired from the White House and put under immediate criminal investigation.

Chapter Fourteen, “St. Rex,” probably draws heavily on Rex Tillerson as a source, ably disguised by third party overlays, and is valuable. This chapter also puts Jared Kushner in a jail cell.  While I give the President more slack than Tillerson, mindful that Tillerson was vastly more powerful as head of Exxon (which my father and grandfather both worked for) managing $350 billion a year on the books (and probably twice that off the books), this chapter is worthy of inclusion in Department of State and Pentagon and US secret intelligence community training courses. Jared Kushner is nothing less than a combination of active traitor, criminal networker, out of control dilettante, and ignorant piss-ant. It is not the Russians or the Chinese who are our worst enemies, it is the traitors within, and this chapter makes it clear that Jared Kushner is the poster-child for a most toxic combination of Zionism, nepotism, and inbred idiocy. There is every reason to wonder if Kushner has been sodomized and compromised by Prince Mohammad bin Salman (MBS) and Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan (MBZ), among others.

QUOTE (153): This person told me it was believed in Qatar that at the summit the Saudis “bought and paid for Jared.”

Chapter Fifteen, “He’ll Take Anything,” indicts father Kushner and son Kushner for flaunting the President in a pitch to the Chinese, and documents their status as slum lords willing to sue their impoverished tenants for pennies – over five hundred lawsuits generally seeking missed payments of less than a couple of thousand dollars.

We learn Kushner was behind the firing of James Comey and totally mis-read the public, media, and Congressional reactions, while blatantly promoting the Zionist Ambassador to the US Senate (retired), Joe Lieberman, as Comey’s replacement. Later in the book (page 229), it is pointed out that this could come back to haunt Kushner as an obstruction of justice charge.

Chapter Seventeen, “That Would Be A Felony,” places Jared Kushner at the center of all of the President’s problems with investigations – the foreign connections of Flynn and Manafort, the use of social media for microtargeting; and the firing of Comey.

QUOTE (172): Corallo: “Dear Mr. President, this is worse than just ‘bad optics.’ It’s sleazy. You could start draining the swamp by removing your in-laws.”

This is also the chapter that documents Kushner’s efforts to “set up” Donald Trump Junior as a buffer for law enforcement and the media to feast on with respect to the false Russian collusion story, instead of Kushner, who was actually the instigator of the most burdensome meeting.

In the next chapter, page 187 provides the best available description of President Trump’s ambivalence about ridding the White House of these two pests. He is described by Gary Cohn and James Kelly as clearly understanding their incompetence – it is not clear if the President understands how hated they are internally or how treasonous they have been externally.

Chapter Nineteen, “The Newspaper Industry Is Out to Get Me,” contains the hidden gem of this book. Jared Kushner is still under legal investigation. On page 194 the book documents how Mueller has been “farming out issues it came across and thought worthy of investigation” to appropriate US Attorneys.  My personal bet is the both Charlie Kushner and Jared Kushner are under active investigation in New York and New Jersey and the end of the Mueller investigation is not at all the end of their legal trials.

Chapter Twenty, “Trump is Different and I’m Different” fries both Jared and Ivanka for breaking all the rules against the use of personal devices and applications for official communications and also documents their virtual death – no one wants them back in New York, they are known traitors, incompetents, and arrogant – worst of all, they are abject failures who got to the White House and then bombed in the most ignominious manner possible.  Everyone hates them, they have accomplished nothing.

QUOTE (200): According to The Intercept, MBS remarked to Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed that Kushner was “in my pocket.”

QUOTE (206): “You have to hear in private my Brother what Principals think of ‘Clown prince’s’ efforts and his plan! Nader wrote, referring to Kushner’s peace plan. “Nobody would even waste cup of coffee on him if it wasn’t for who he is married to.”

Chapter Twenty-Two, “The Double-Dipper,” is in my view the final nail in Jared Kushner’s coffin. He is documented as a shameless hustler disloyal to the United States of America and our President Donald Trump. He is despised by the Saudis, who consider him a financial slut, and also “in bed with Qatar.”

QUOTE (213): “They (the Saudis) are dismayed by how transactional Jared has turned out to be. They think he’s just the worst human being they’ve ever met.”

QUOTE (216): Corey Lewandowski’s firm, for instance, was being paid five hundred thousand dollars a month. It was reported that Kushner was shocked when he heard this. He should not have been. Lewandowski was hardly the only beneficiary of Qatar’s wealth.

As a side note, since Lewandowski does not appear to have fully complied with the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) in relation to perhaps ten distinct foreign clients, we have to wonder if he is an FBI informant as the alternative to registering properly.

Chapter Twenty-Four, “Prison Reform, Mommygrams, and NAFTA” is a winding down demolishment of both Jared and Ivanka, with additional coverage of their security clearance issues and one great quote pertinent to Ivanka’s delusion that she might be President one day.

QUOTE (227): A Republican operative I talked to scoffed at the claim that Ivanka had the whole country behind her. “Who is Ivanka’s base? If she ran for president, neither of her two brothers would vote for her.” He was alluding to the fact that conservatives do not consider her one of them, the far right scorns her as a “globalist,” and Democrats are troubled by her ethics.

An unkind person would add “and she is witless to boot.”  Elsewhere in the book the author points out that neither Jared nor Ivanka read books. She is also incompetent at business, getting by on her father’s coattails.

QUOTE (227): “In October 2017, a YouGov consumer perception survey had found that Ivanka’s fashion line was in the bottom ten of more than sixteen-hundred brands ranked by favorable consumer opinion.

Bottom ten! That’s not even in the bottom one percent.  That’s in the bottom 0.00625 or bottom 1% of 1% of 1%.  In other words, lower than decayed whale shit in the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean.

Chapter Twenty-Five, “Mr. Bone Saw and the Real Estate Agent” deepens Jared Kushner’s jeopardy in relation to a charge of treason. I begin to wonder why the House of Representatives has not held hearings on Jared Kushner’s intimate (intimate) relationship with MBS that is totally outside official government channels with no witnesses (no witnesses).

The Epilogue buries both of the children from hell.

QUOTE (236): “Ivanka Trump has made no secret of the fact that she wants to be the most powerful woman in the world. Her father’s reign in Washington, D.C., is, she believes, the beginning of a great American dynasty. “She thinks she’s going to be president of the United States,” Gary Cohn told people after leaving the White House. “She thinks this is like the Kennedys, the Bushes, and now the Trumps.”

QUOTE (237): “He (Jared Kushner) is, clearly, his father’s son in so many ways, including a disdain for rules, for ethics, for honesty.”

The book ends with a quote that I will not repeat here.  Buy the book. All of the above – everything in the book – is the tip of the iceberg.  The story of Jared and Ivanka Kushner is a story of casual evil so deeply embedded across the US economy, government, and society that it may well take an Act of God to cleanse us. They are not the exception, they are the norm, this book simply makes them visible.

Zionists are describing Jared Kushner as the new Messiah, who is making possible the re-building of the Third Temple in Jerusalem that would, if it came to pass, lead to the Third World War between the Zionists backed up by their shiksa whore the USA, and the Muslims, with the Russians and the Chinese laughing their ass off on the sidelines.

This is what America has become. Two entitled and stunningly ignorant brats with the run of the White House, conducting treasonous and criminal meetings world-wide, with no adult moral supervision.

The time has come for the President of the United States of America to wake up and clean house …. starting with his in-laws.

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