Jon Rappoport: Society without Philosophy is Evil…Propaganda and “Anything Goes” Take Over…

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Jon Rappoport

When philosophy goes begging in society

Creating a civilization in which ethics take center stage is, at best, a difficult proposition. If education doesn’t include a probing search for answers on this subject; if instead, it’s assumed that every person has his own relative point of view, then of course you end up with mobocracy and quite heavy propaganda. Ultimately, elites take charge of the propaganda.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I agree.  Education — and intelligence — and research — are corrupt to the bone today. They focus on lies and rote, not on the truth and imagination and what Buckminster Fuller called ephemeralism — doing more with less.  My vision for an Open Source Agency with an Information Bureau and an Engineering Bureau is a “ready to go” solution for any society that wishes to begin the process of liberation from the 1% and the elevation of the 99%.

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