Mongoose: “Tolerance” of Muslim Rape is Contrived Subversive Idiocy

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“Tolerance” Is The Last Gasp Of A Depraved and Dying Society.

Jeffrey A. Friedberg

IN MY OPINION, IT SEEMS TO ME, that Muslims—and especially militant Muslims—appear to “get away” with almost anything they pull.

“Western society” seems self-committed to lethal invasion and suicide.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I agree.  I am finishing up David Icke’s book, Everything You Wanted to Know But Were Never Told (David Icke Books, 2018), and his long section on political correctness as a form of subversive censorship is totally on target. Herbert Marcuse nailed it with his essay on “Repressive Tolerance,” what this really means is that an “anything goes” society has no ethics, no cohesion, no values.  The public needs to put an end to all this crap, and the only way  they can do  that is with #UNRIG: Unity for Integrity (Election Reform Act Proposed).

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