Wayne Jett: USA Main Street Mugged by Wall Street Mercantilism (Crony Monopoliges) — What We Have Today is NOT Capitalism

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America Mugged By Mercantilism

America does not have a capitalist economy, nor has America been capitalist within the life spans of anyone living or their grandparents. Yet capitalism is blamed for every economic ill, and presently – yet again – the call is sounded to reform capitalism. Here is a more accurate phrasing of what our policy goals should be in 2019: End mercantilism and install a capitalist economy.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: The “Deep State” is mercantilist, not capitalism. It is a form of both Satanic and crony transnational crime in which financial monopolies, price fixing, and all forms of government-banking-media-law enforcement COLLUSION replace the rule of law.  “Main Street” is assassinated. Below is my own contribution that builds on what Ray Dalio has proposed.

Robert Steele: Saving America – Saving Capitalism. Start with the Truth.

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