Mongoose: YouTube Purge Deepens, Time for Presidential Nuclear Attack on #GoogleGestapo

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE:  The Attorney General is moving at chicken-shit pace against #GoogleGestapo. By now we should have had supoenas, injunctions, restraining orders, multi-billion dollar fines, a class action lawsuit and more. The President’s so-called web site soliciting inputs was a failure (and is now closed) because everyone recognized it for what it was, an email collection scam rather  than a legitimate effort to identify and prioritize 10,000 strong claims EACH against Amazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia, and WordPress, among others. The system is rigged, very much so, and if the President does not order a nuclear attack on #GoogleGestapo, he may find that he is not in charge of anything in 2020.

Meanwhile, YouTube continues to be one of the main channels enabling pedophilia and communiation among pedophiles.

A Senator wants to stop YouTube from recommending videos featuring minors

Earlier this year, YouTube was under fire as reports showed how the site’s recommendation algorithms facilitated a “soft-core pedophilia ring” that flourished in the comments section of otherwise innocent videos. Advertisers quickly pulled back spending from YouTube, and the company pulled more than 150,000 videos and disabled comments on millions of videos to help quash the activity. But a New York Times report this week indicated that the site still doesn’t have a handle on the issue.

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