Stephen E. Arnold: Digital Ocean Will Shut You Down Without Warning Based on Flawed Automatic Monitoring Programmed by Morons Lacking Adult Override

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Stephen E. Arnold

Editorial Note: Robert Steele wrote the PBI title.

Frisky Language Aside: An Important Cloud Message

I don’t know much about Digital Ocean, droplets, Checkly, Raisup, “”or the other Fancy Dan technologies mentioned in the write up. I usually ignore articles with unpleasant language. I worked through this write up because in Myrtle Beach at the policeware conference, there was quite a bit of chatter about the move to the cloud by law enforcement entities of all shapes and sizes.

The title of the article is “Why the recent “Digital Ocean Killed My Company” incident Scares the [curse word] Out of Me.” The link to the story is here.

The main idea is that a cloud provider relied on a monitoring system. The customer found that his account was killed. After some flim flam, the account was restored. There are other details, but the value of the write up resides in these points, often buried in the description of who shot John or Jane in the back on a stormy night near the digital corral.

ITEM 1: “I’m scared I could be hit by an out-of-control abuse algorithm and a broken customer service process. And I have zero Twitter clout or any other online notoriety.” DarkCyber’s comment: Yep, get used to the reality of engineers who either don’t know, don’t care, or who are trying to find a better job.

ITEM 2: “you can’t just shrug off basic service reliability and availability planning just because you’re a (small) startup. Consequently, that is the whole reason you are using a cloud service.” DarkCyber’s comment: Sorry, no free lunch.

ITEM 3: “You only have to be wrong once.” DarkCyber’s comment: Some folks are used to getting gold stars for trying hard. Nope, gold stars go to those who win the race, are the top student in math, and those who don’t make mistakes. Life is cruel for those who make errors.

ITEM 4: Do have some backups. DarkCyber’s comment. That’s good advice.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: In a technological society, both security and civil rights have been out-paced by Moore’s Law and the impunity with which social media platforms can digitally assassinate anyone — a lifetime of work deleted with one click.NO ONE, EVER, should be deplatformed without due process sufficient to scrutiny by a court.

The President has failed completely on this front — his people do not know what they need to know, and his Attorney General is not seeing the urgency of this challenge in relation to a fair and balanced election process at all levels.  The Deep State is losing on the economic front — to our President’s great credit — but the Deep State is winning on the social media front.

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