Donald Trump: Transgender Bullshit Terminated!

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Today’s good news.

Trump Administration: Sex Discrimination Does Not Include Gender Identity

“If ‘sex’ is governed by ‘gender identity,’ organizations will no longer be able to maintain sex-specific sleeping facilities, showers, restrooms, and locker rooms,” said Bursch. “Men can take jobs reserved for women, such as a position playing in the Women’s National Basketball Association, or a job as a female nurse hired to care for an elderly woman’s private needs. Scarce jobs requiring fitness tests, such as police and fire positions, can exclude women as they are forced to compete against men who identify as female.”

In its petition to the Supreme Court, the funeral home stated: “Redefining ‘sex’ to mean ‘gender identity’ is no trivial matter. Doing so shifts what it means to be male or female from a biological reality based in anatomy and physiology to a subjective perception evidenced by what people profess they feel.”

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ROBERT STEELE:  This Supreme Court decision is going to be as important as Roe v. Wade. While there are many that oppose abortion on natural law and other grounds, it is settled law and gives primacy to the mother in the first tri-mester and to the child thereafter. The 20+ “identity” perversions invented by the Deep State as a means of confusing, dividing, and conquering are a fundamental attack on man, woman, family, community, and state. This kind of case is long overdue for settlement.  If you have a dick you are a man.  If you have a vagina you are a woman.  I reconciled myself to the biological roots of lesbianism and homosexuality when I understood that we all start as women — with two X chromosomes. The natural progression is for some to have a Y chromosome activated and evolve to become men. Some get tiny Y, remain female, but are lesbian. Others get mid-size Y, become male, but are homosexual. Where society has been deeply hurt, apart from the psychological bullshit leading to California having over 20 “approved” gender “identities” that have absolutely no foundation in science or sense, is in the deliberate efforts of the Deep State including rogue elements of the CIA and the Department of Defense and probably the Center for Disease Control and others, to feminize men and butch up women, to include chemical programs targeted as reducing sperm counts and testosterone in men while sterilizing women.  This is the depth of the external depravity of the Deep State — the internal depravity is to be found in murderous pedophilia and Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) inclusive of blood drinking and fetus and body part eating. The public is waking up. Earth has turned its consciousness toward the good. This is for the best. We must all embrace  Title 7 and respect lesbians and gays, but we must not allow these communities to destroy families and mis-direct children on whom gayness is imposed as a social construct rather than a biological imperative.

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