Daniel Ellsberg: Why Not End Nuclear Spending & Secrecy?

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Daniel Ellsberg

Interview with legendary whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg following his 89th arrest for resisting nuclear weapons, nuclear war and government secrecy

One of the things I learned today from talks given at Lawrence Livermore Labs was that for the past seven years, each budget for nuclear weapons has increased. In particular it was true in 2015 under Obama, who increased it to over Cold War levels. The peak of Cold War spending was in 1985. Spending went down with the fall of the Soviet Union until the second Bush came into power. We’re back at Cold War levels, $9 billion per year. From 2015 till now, each year the budget has risen. It didn’t start under Trump. But right now, under Trump, we are budgeting 40% higher than in the Cold War. It is obscene, it is crazy, it is wrong.

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ROBERT STEELE: $9B a year is a drop in the bucket in relation to the trillion dollar a year military budget including the illegal secret space program (never authorized or appropriated by Congress). I want to offer two observations on this important matter:

First, I believe that nuclear weapons have been neutralized by forces beyond normal ken, and that the primary impetus for nuclear spending — as with most military spending and the secret space program and the Deep Underground Military Bases and the mind control and geoengineering and vaccine sterilization and more, is simple corruption. Budget building. Until there is a President who can redirect sword spending into plow spending and keep everyone employed while doing do, the status quo ante will prevail.

Second, I want to emphasize the role of truth in helping our current President — or a future President — move the Republic away from obscene spending on dysfunctional capabilities. My concept for an Open Source Agency (OSA) is the single most powerful, legal, ethical concept on the planet for achieving peace and prosperity for all and it is being fought — marginaiized — precisely because it would elevate the 99% and reduce the power and profit of the 1%. Combine public education, public intelligence, and transparency of publicly funded research in one agency that cannot be corrupted, and it is GAME OVER. Non-violently Game Over!

For Donald Trump to be the “greatest President ever” he needs to focus on truth as a public good; on truth as the foundation for how he educated and mobilizes 100% of the US citizen voters toward restoring integrity  to how we elect, how we govern, now we spend.

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