Mongoose: Weak Signal on Massive False Flag Atrocity in Seattle 3 November 2019 Centered on Tampa Bay (Skull & Bones) versus Seattle Football Game

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Phi Beta Iota: The entertainment and insurance industries are totally controlled by the Deep State and “predictive programming” is very real. The US counterintelligence “establishment” is totally corrupt and very inept. Add to this the desperation of the Deep State and the Zionists and their extremist tools (left and right) to attack President Donald Trump, and there is real cause for concern.The only thing missing is fake evidence that “the Russians did it.” All of this merits respectful concern.

In passing, the US Marine Corps will be deployed to California (29 Palms) in bulk, with 2nd Marine Division from the East Coast there as well as the West Coast Marines, for division-scale training exercises in October and November 2019.

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