Gordon Duff: Mossad Jeffrey Epstein Core Nuclear Blackmail and Smuggling Network Compromising Department of Energy, US Air Force, and Governors of New Mexico

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Why America is a Threat?

With all the investigation of Epstein, the “Lolita Express” and his private island, nothing is said of the “Zorro Ranch” in New Mexico. The facility is on land whose history, and we must be careful here, establishes a series of relationships between Epstein and powerful politicians who live nearby, some who benefitted from Epstein contributions.

The network of Epstein associates there include the chiefs of the Department of Energy and top weapons scientists developing “after next generation” weapons.

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ROBERT STEELE: Gordon is playing this one very close to his chest.  I will go further and say that I believe that Epstein had, among others, a USAF Chief Scientist and the Governor of New Mexico as well as at least one Secretary of Energy in full bribery/blackmail mode. The Zionist nuclear theft from the USA has continued unabated since they were complicit in the assassination of JFK. Zionist control of the US economy, US government, and US society is the 900 lb. elephant in the 2020 election. The President cannot avoid full disclosure on Epstein and 9/11, along with a complete expulsion of the Zionist agents from the USA.  The lines are now drawn clearly. I am honored to be among those very few with the ability to serve the public on this matter.

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