Mongoose: Inside Dark Side of the CIA

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Alert Reader says:

Many years ago I learned that the company functions like a clearing house, a chameleon, a set of actors that play out assigned scripts. Many Intel agencies including the 37 (about 20 undisclosed, unacknowledged) inside the USA and those of the UK and Israel use the company for fake credentials, financing and as “national security cover” for all kinds of diverse operations. The company has its own diverse fund raising, its own sets of diverse private contractor assassins (many foreign), its own diverse setoff mercenary armies. And as Kay Griggs learned it is a diverse set of many different types, including many doofus screwballs that only are able to function because of their fake credentials and false national security cover.

The biggest abuse that the company has perpetrated is the manipulation of judges, police, corporate officials and many diverse sets of leaders is the display of NSLs (National Security Letters–some call national security warrants). When FBI/Div. 5 or DHS or various company elements produce and display an NSL, they let the recipient read it but no copy can be kept and they threaten them with 10 years in a federal prison and a 10,000 fine if they talk about it to the targeted individual. Note certain FBI agents have the authority to write their own search warrants on the way and NSLs too. All NSLs used to have to be signed by Potus years ago. All assassination order actuated by Div. 5 and the company traditionally had to be signed by Potus (called signed findings). There are few such assassinations inside the USA today because there are too many former special ops and others who have the means to fight back and with the Internet, it is too easy for any such matters to be published and learned by many.

Of course this is all completely unconstitutional and illegal as Bill Binney (if I remember correctly) disclosed, that national security cannot be invoked to cover up criminal acts. This however is its basic function currently, false cover for serious state RICO crimes.

A lot of judges used to be paid off with off shore benefits, some with blood diamonds, many promised higher rank, perhaps a high position in the USDOJ or appeals courts. Some are outright threatened, some have had their families threatened, many have been human compromised. GHWB infiltrated much of the judiciary with JAG officers that were Intel. GHWB ran the JFK Assassination using OP40 for the military Industrial Congressional Complex (aka the Defense industry/Intel complex). GHWB was promoted to be the Director of the company as his reward. In this role he proceeded to serve British Intel and infiltrated the FBI (especially Div. 5), the Pentagon with company folks. His other rewards were to be made VP, and Potus. He also ran the assassinations of Bobby and Martin using Miltel and Op40 and he ordered the bombing of the US soldiers at Gander as just another cover up.

The national security being invoked as false, illegal, unconstitutional cover for so many Intel and company crimes prevents any real rule of law. If a person has enough money and power, he/she can often get some rule of law. Most average Americans are doomed to living in a totally evil, corrupt system. Rather the  company protecting the USA and We The People as they claim, they have been fighting a secret covert war against the US Republic and We The People on behalf of the bloodline families and the small circle of evil ones (aka the “Synagogue of Satan” which few understand is the top controller which some insiders believe are actually non-human entities).

JFK understood much of this and this is why he wanted to smash the company into a 1,000 pieces and completely destroy it. He underestimated the reach and power of the company and paid the price.

ROBERT STEELE:  I have no direct knowledge of the dark side of CIA and continue to believe that my beloved CIA is 90% good people trapped in a bad system.  All non-fiction sources, and a growing number of people contacting me directly, suggest that CIA has a dark side that is totally out of control, totally illegal, and deeply deserving of “Range Justice.”  Stand down or die.  We are getting there.

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