Mongoose: Why Is John Brennan Not in Jail for Life?

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The Brennan Dossier: All About a Prime Mover of Russiagate

A close review of facts that have slowly come to light reveals that he was a central architect and promoter of the conspiracy theory from its inception.  . . .

Brennan stands apart for the outsized role he played in generating and spreading the false narrative.

Read full legitimate dossier.

ROBERT STEELE:  John Brennan should be in jail, after proper investigation, indictment, trial, conviction, and rejection of all appeals.  Not only should he be in jail for sedition and all manner of violations of all applicable laws pertaining to intelligence and counterintelligence restraints in relation to US citizens, he should also be in jail for his role in the Gold War against Russia and his complicity in enabling and then covering up 9/11. The time has come for the President to take down the US intelligence and counterintelligence community (actually an archipelago of fiefdoms, many of elements of them being both rogue and funded by illegal sources of funding). Mike Flynn is the perfect candidate to be DNI, with Bill Binney as his technical Deputy. I would be honored to be asked to create the Open Source Agency as “the President's own” and a solid foundation for limiting secret sources and methods to only those targets that a) cannot be done by open sources and b) are approved by the President as vital to national interests.  70% of what the IC does is absolute shit or a crime against humanity — this includes pedophilia blackmail, renditiion & torture, false accusations against those who stand up to the IC, drone assassinations, and smugging of drugs and small children.  Enough!

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