Jon Rappoport: CDC Begins Testing for Something It Has No Clue About — Coronavirus or Radiation Sickness?

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Jon Rappoport

CDC begins testing Americans for the Coronavirus—but how?

As my readers know, I’ve been presenting evidence AGAINST the idea that the China “epidemic” is caused by a new coronavirus. (archive here)

Reading through CDC literature (see also here), I believe the two most prevalent US testing methods are: antibody, and PCR.

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ROBERT STEELE: CDC — and NORTHCOM and DHS — are in betrayal of the public trust by refusing to engage with the proven observation that radiation sickness, not a biological virus, is culpable. The cruise ships are the truth teller, they are all using offshore systems such as airliners use, and lets not forget that most of them have no one on board that has been in China recently.

Psalm 9:16 The LORD is known by the judgment which he executeth: the wicked is snared in the work of his own hands.

After WWII it was the militaries that understood the body to be bioelectrical, while the medical system stayed with the body being biochemical. 

The electrical and communications (microwave including satellite microwave) companies and the intelligence agencies have all known this for decades if not longer.  This information — like asbestos, glyphosate, and so many other “true costs” of modern unethical predatory capitalism with government complicity — is being kept from the public with the full collaboration of academia and the media, neither of which actually serve the public interest.

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NOW, it is VITAL that the public understand two things: first, we are being genocided (and the Earth is being ecocided) by 5G and related radiation emissions that are out of control.  But second, it is possible for healing energies to balance all this out and make the problem  go away.  Positive forces are in the ascendance.  In the meantime, everyone needs to understand that CDC, NORTHCOM, and DHS all have their head of their ass, are not interested in public service, and are focused on darker agendas including budget building and population control. #UNRIG, anyone?

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