Robert Steele: Update the Corona Virus Radiation Sickness Madness Parade UPDATE: WHO is calling around telling editors to ignore me

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Cruise Ships are the truth-teller — all radiation sickness from satellite emissions that the maritime communications service providers are not calibrating. Could this become a massive class action lawsuit?

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UPDATE: World Health Organization (WHO) is calling around to editors who carry my stuff urging them not to publish my speculation about radiation sickness.  WHO has in the past published important studies about the impact of various forms of radiation on the human body, but they have been careful to avoid cell phones and 5G as this would interfere with the predatory capitalism of their most important benefactors.  Thank you, WHO, for confirming I am on target. Tell me again, how far were those cruse ships from Wuhan? And how many people became infected after they were isolated and turned to their wireless connections for solace?

See Especially:

Arthur Firstenberg: The Invisible Rainbow – A History of Electricity and Life [Radiation Sickness Explains All Past and Present Flu Outbreaks Including Wuhan Virus and Radiation Sickness on Cruise Ships]

Jon Rappoport: CDC Begins Testing for Something It Has No Clue About — Coronavirus or Radiation Sickness?

See Also:

Robert Steele in Tehran Times: Interview A Counterintelligence Perspective on the Wuhan Virus – A Zionist Bio-War False Flag Attack?

Robert Steele: China Coronavirus — UPDATE: Radiation Sickness II

Latter link update to provide link 19 Feb 2020  exposing WHO hypocrisy.

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