Mongoose: Are Crisis Actors and Freemasons Emergent in the Attack on China and the Global Economy?

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More on the Stranded British Passenger from the “Quarantined” Cruise Ship in Japan
Well, the David Abel story is highly entertaining.  He's the poor stranded British passenger from the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan.  We first heard of him appealing to Richard Branson to bring him and his wife home.  Next we hear that he is a crisis actor and Freemason.  And to cap it all, here he is in a Japanese hospital looking hale and hearty, having been wheeled in there in a wheelchair “in a very serious condition”, suffering from pneumonia after having contracted Coronavirus, according to the BBC (  But wait, his Facebook post tells us that he and his wife had caught a cold although they hadn't noticed, and it hasn't “yet” turned into pneumonia, but they do have Coronavirus (  I wonder if they've noticed that they've got Coronavirus, then.  Abel's son, however, asserts that his mother has a mild form of pneumonia.  I suppose it's all a bit confusing because of the fog of war – sorry, I should say “virus” – well, of course, if there is one.
Anyway, it turns out Abel doesn't have WiFi access in this Japanese hospital so we can expect a complete recovery soon, given that he's presumably no longer going to be exposed to electromagnetic radiation.  And his “condition” seems not to be so serious that the Japanese hospital staff feel that he needs to be hooked up to any respirators, drips or anything.  Perhaps they share our suspicion that a period away from intense exposure to Wifi would be enough to cure Diamond Princess passengers.
BBC: if you’re going to do fake news, you might at least make sure that the actors, the writers and the production team are on the same page.  We should report you to WHO or the Chinese authorities for spreading false rumours!

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