Robert Steele: Deep State Goes for the Kill Shot Against Trump — President Was Right — It Is a Fake Pandemic — Plus Virus 5G RECAP

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The below article is total shit but even shit can be used as fertilizer. See comment below the fold, and all links to date.

The Trump Presidency Is Over

ROBERT STEELE: When someone says:

“Mr. Trump has no desire to acquaint himself with most issues, let alone master them” is how I put it four years ago. “No major presidential candidate has ever been quite as disdainful of knowledge, as indifferent to facts, as untroubled by his benightedness.”

They are themselves full of shit. What they are really saying is “he sees through our bullshit, he knows we are losers, and he is not letting us get away with our predatory pretentiousness.  Here are two quotes, one on the fake pandemic — the President knew this from day one — and the second from Jack Welch (RIP) on the President's acumen as a business  leader rooted in reality:

Italian Governor Zaia from the Veneto region said:

“80% of all sick people heal by themselves, 15% need medication and 5% need to have hospital attention.  All 17 people who died already, had advanced health issues.  No healthy person who caught the coronavirus has died.  It’s an alarm with no foundation.  In the beginning they reacted the way they did because they didn’t have any real information about the virus.  But after seeing what it is, the information is too exaggerated.”  Source

Jack Welch, “Neutron Jack,” famed leader of GE:

“They can say what they want about him, but I don’t know if any president has been more prepared to sit in that room and talk business. It was like talking to a peer, not a politician. Hell of a meeting.” Source

It is now clear that the CDC understood the threat from China even if they did not understand that China was under a biowar attack from the Deep State.  Here is there early advertising.  And the shit article above is valuable for its articulation of CDC concerns. What is clear to me is that the President lacks both an intelligence (decision support) ecology that he can trust, and a political ecology broad enough to survive another Deep State attack.

Where our President may have gone wrong early on is in not realizing the power of the Deep State to use the media to create a massive global destabilization campaign wrecking the US economy as well as the global economy, and seeking to end the Trump presidency.  As I clearly stated in my first published piece on this matter, it was the media that destroyed the Chinese economy, not the virus — I also clearly stated my view that the virus was bioengineered and did not leak from the Chinese virology lab, it was planted by foreign agents — perhaps even Angela Merkel herself in September, as well as Gladio participants in the military war games in Wuhan.

I was also the first to focus on 5G as both an immunity reducer, and a source of radiation sickness misdiagnosed as the flu. CDC refuses to entertain that one, their Deep State masters will not let them.  Sadly, the President also seems to be in a state of confusion on this point, because shutting down 5G — along with washing your hands — is the fastest way to drop our numbers.

Patrick Buchanan is the first to point out that there are major silver linings in  this fake pandemic, to include its utility in closing borders and ending the Deep State Zionist dogma of multiculturalism and no values; and in bringing core manufacturing including pharmaceuticals back to the USA for self-sustainability.

Others have pointed out that Big Pharma has every reason to go along with a fake pandemic organized — in my speculative view — by Bill Gates on behalf of the Deep State — because China was cracking down on toxic vaccines and predatory pricing at the same time that President Trump was cracking down on Big Pharma's attacks on the US public with exorbitant pricing (the toxicity of vaccines and futlity of most medicines is not yet being properly addressed by President Trump — nor is the reality that going to the hospital for something is more often than not a death sentence, you are safer staying home).

I continue to believe that the two graphics below represent a path forward. If the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence will hire someone who knows how to create a global Human Intelligence / Open Source Program Office that could in passing give the President — within seven days of order — the below restructuing of the White House, while at the same time Herman Cain and Dr. Cynthia McKinney give him the #UNRIG political expansion he needs, he will survive this and go on to be the greatest President ever.  I live to serve.

Note: if I were so fortunate as to be allowed to help the President with the first above, I would vanish from public view, never to be seen or heard from again.


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