Robert David Steele: Is President a Genius or a Dumb Ass?

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The President is certainly a genius, because he knew — as he said clearly from day one — that this was a fake pandemic, a hoax.

As best I can tell, this combination of biological, electromagnetic, and information warfare (media) attack on the global economy — and on the presidency of Donald Trump — was anticipated.

All prior posts by Q — including the forthcoming ten days of darkness — suggest that a massive cultural, economic, and political reset is going to take place in the next 90 – 120 days.

I am not sure the President — who probably did not confide in many — anticipated the ripple effect of closing down the country and creating an unemployment rate, overnight, of roughly 40%, of whom 3 out of 5 are hourly or when actually employed (WAE) workers with no unemployment compensation.

I am not sure the President understood the fragility of the supply chain, such that truckers cannot bring food and water and other supplies across states that shut down gas stations and rest  rooms and fast food restaurants along all super highways.

I do see the positives. If the ten days of darkness lead to a take-over of the mass and social media, an end to censorship, and the capture and disposition of all traitors, elite pedophiles, and major white and black criminals — and we  get the country back to school and back to work by 15 April — then everything will be fine.

As best I can tell the President has $15 trillion to work with.  Can do easy.  In the ideal he will adopt Del Spurlock's plan for President Ronald Reagan to retrain — with full salary — all the folks we can rescue from being cubicle rats — and create new towns and small cities all over America, and particularly on lands returned to the states from federal control, with free energy and unlimited desalinated water and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) powering this new frontier.

I pray that all will be well, and for now the President has my vote for Genius.

Below is my offering to one and all for reflection.

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