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“I told you so.” And do did the President.  This is a fake pandemic, a hoax, and the CDC people — particularly world-class fear-mongerer “Dr. Fauci,” should be run out of the US Government on a rail after being tarred and feathered.

Here are four facts and then my expectation for April and beyond.

01 80% of the tests are resulting in FALSE POSITIVES. This is now documented.

02 Most of the autopsies are saying NOT CORONA (and most of the dead are very old and scheduled to die anyway)

03 The transmission rate is closer to 1.5 not 2.5, Fauci is full of crap.

04 The fear has been good as a catalyst for public sanitation — fewer people are dying of the traditional flu that normally kills TENS OF THOUSANDS.

From Dr. Ron Paul to Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai I have total credible support for my original pronouncement of this as a fake pandemic — and the President's original and correct conclusion that this has been a hoax.  This was WEAPONIZED by Bill Gates, the Deep State, the DNC, and others, including traitors in CDC and criminals at the WHO (no doubt bribed and blackmailed into declaring a pandemic, something I praised them for not doing earlier then Gates or someone else made them an offer they could not refuse)

As I called for in my original article, there is a need for a multinational investigation that includes China, Iran, Italy, Russia, and the USA.  I would like to help  the President with such an investigation, and I would like to see Bill Binney put in charge of harvesting the NSA databases and unmasking everyone that has communicated with Bill Gates, CDC, and WHO on this matter going back 12 months.  The unmasking would also get insider trading and media manipulation.

April and Beyond

The President is now on thin ice.

01 Up to 40% of all American workers are going to be unemployed by mid-April, and three fifths of them do not have unemployment compensation.

02  Killing schools and sports is not something that should be done lightly. While both can “catch up” in July and August this is so disruptive of the family cycle that orchestrates work and school, if this fake pandemic is allowed to go beyond 15 April the true cost to America could be catastrophic.

03 The President's staff, noteworthy for its inability to do holistic analytics and true cost economics — and equally noteworthy for its lack of imagination and compassion — forgot that “just enough just in time logistics” means that the East Coast runs out of food and medicine within two weeks of the states closing the interstate (national) highways by closing gas stations, interstate highway restuarants and reststops. Similarly farmers thinking about their next crop are starting to run into “seed corn” issues. Sending all the Mexican farm laborers home will have true costs the President's staff may not have considered.

05 The President continues to ignore the growing public demand — including particularly parents with small children — for a complete shut-down to 5G (both the AT&T version and the energy/powerline version). Increasing concerns about 5G towers at schools is beggging  to lose the 2020 election,  this is an issue even a senile opponent can sink  their teeth into.

The Positive

On a positive note the President appears to have flipped the crisis and is in the process of gutting all predatory corporations and banks, and could soon be nationalizing or at least severely beating mainstream and social media into compliance with the 1st Amendment and Title 7. For those that are not aware, I have been saying for some time that the President appears to have taken back over $15 trillion from the banks — money stolen from the public or created under criminal pretext.  There is no lack of money for full recovery.

I am a fan of Q and of sub-Q's such as X22, but realistically they have to be seen as hopium — great expectations without foundation UNTIL the President shows people like Dick Cheney and Hillary Clinton passing into hell as John McCain and arch-criminal and participant in the JFK assassination GHW Bush passed into hell. We need a complete Grand Strategy, ideally one that includes closing all our military bases overseas to bring those jobs (and the support jobs that now go to local foreigners) home; we need to stop funding dictators and the Zionist state of Israel; we need to end geoengineering, 5G, and other forms of atorcity including the still thriving trade in children for pedophiles that all major institutions and all local law enforcement authorities turn a blind eye towards.

I consider the Full Cabal series of 10 videos to be VITAL to public education.

Recommendations for the President

There are five things the President can do to become the greatest President ever and be re-elected in the Mother of All Landslides:

01 Retire Mike Pence and immediately name Dr. Cynthia McKinney as VP — this is a 3-fer (blacks, women, and progressives as well as Independents). Joe Biden has committed to a black female — this wipes Nikki Haley out never mind the Zionist bimbo aspect. Dr. McKinney is the only viable cross-over choice for a unity ticket with deep broad value across the entire country.

02 Announce the end of all personal incomes taxes — demonstrate that they are unconstitutional at any level of governance — and implement the Automated Payment Transaction Plan that radically increases income at the county, state, and federal level, with income collected locally and shared upwards, not as we now have it, top-down corrupt hand-outs.

A massive debt jubilee at the same  time will go a very long way.

03 The President needs to immediately announce both salary coverage for all and a one year to two year job retaining program such as Deputy Secretary of Labor Del Spurlock designed for President Ronald Reagan — everyone who has lost their job to this fake pandemic gets  both salary and training and perhaps even relocation expenses, and we think about opening new communities in the west with free energy and unlimited desalinated water and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE). Most of the last stolen from the states by the Federal government should be returned. Time for a NEW FRONTIER here at home with the added advantage of migrating a percentage of the population from the notionally insane East and West coasts.  Full disclosure of free energy, at least, is needed now OR open the reserves at $10 a barrel while terminating all support to Saudi Arabia.  It's crunch time.

Reagan Era Labor Resurrection Plan

04 Implement — without Steve Bannon, Glenn Beck, and Bill O'Reilly (all losers and self-promoters) — my long-standing original idea for a Trump Studio, truth channel, open source intelligence agency, and grand strategy advisory group to occupy the space now wasted on media scum.

There is a subtle aspect to the above — three deputy vice presidents.  Dennis Kucinich as Deputy VP for the Commonwealth, Jon Huntsman as Deputy VP for Global Engagement, and Bob Gates as Deputy VP for Education, Intelligence, and Research — or whomever the President might choose — will radically enhance the power of the President to be the greatest President ever.  My thoughts are in my speech, If I Were President.

05 Announce the immediately submission to Congress of #UNRIG Election Reform Act of 2020, and make every Congressional re-election contingent on its passage, with a solumn promise to Independents, Libertarians, Greens, Constituion, #Walkaway and others, that in 2022 we will eradicate the two-party tyranny by electing over 200 members of the House, and over 20 members of the Senate — who are neither Democrats nor Republicans. Let evidence-based decision-making in the public interest we our standard from this day forward.

Ascension Christianity

Later today I will be posting #51 in the Trump Revolution Series, on Ascension Christianity. We are at a most positive time in human history, and ready for a spiritual as well as a national transformation and resurrection.

I won't go so far as to say I am certain John F. Kennedy Jr. will appear to America, alive and well on Easter Sunday, but we are very close to that kind of epic “flip” in which we reject all the false Gods and lies that have been built up over time, and come back to what David Ray Griffin speaks to in his latest book, The Christian Gospel for Americans: we must find salvation in personal transformation to honor God, and in holding our country accountable for honorable behavior at home and abroad.

May God Bless each of you, America, and our President.


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