CounterPunch: Coronavirus (Fraud) Capitalism

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Coronavirus Capitalism and “Exceptional” America  

As the global coronavirus public health and economic crisis of 2020 approaches the international workers’ day May 1st, let us consider 23 ways in which it is a crisis of and by capital and its class rule profits system:

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  1. The Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back.
  2. Pathogenic Growth Addiction.
  3. No Profit in Proper Public Health Protection.
  4. Wage Slavery and Expendable People.
  5. Inability to Pause Without a Massive Bailout of the Already Rich.
  6. Failure to Properly Allocate Labor for the Common Good.
  7. Austerity.
  8. Employment-based Health Insurance (U.S.).
  9. Anarchic Market Competition, Price Gouging, and the Pandemic as a Medical Profit Opportunity.
  10. Fiscal Crises of the State(s).
  11. Monopolization.
  12. Complex Global Supply Chains.
  13. One World Economy, Many States.
  14. Offshored Medical Production.
  15. Thought and Information Control.
  16. Mass Social Consumption.
  17. Divide and Rule, Multiple Oppressions.
  18. Core and Periphery.
  19. Guns Over Medicine and Healing: The For-Profit Pentagon System.
  20. Co-Morbidities.
  21. Mass Incarceration.
  22. Mass Trumpian Stupidity.
  23. Capitalist Inequality Puts Anti-Science Fascist Lunatics in Power.


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