Robert Steele: UK Government Lies Again — Same People Behind Trump Dossier and Imperial College Fake Pandemic Now Deny 5G – Conoravirus Connection

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5G coronavirus conspiracy theory is dangerous fake nonsense, UK says

ROBERT STEELE: Minister Michael Gove of the UK is deceiving the public — he is either stupid or — more likely — has been fully briefed and is a flat out liar.

5G at a minimum lowers human immunity and makes it more likely that anyone will be more susceptible to any barcterial or viral infection.

At worst, 5G causes radiation sickness, can be used to trigger nano particles that unleash new more lethal versions of the bio-engineered virus (there is nothing to fear from normal viruses of which there are thousands), and can be used to target individuals for specified illness or death based on their DNA.

The Russians know more about this than we do — energetics and gravitobiology are fields where they are leading — and our own Thomas Bearden has been a “Patrick Henry” but long ignored (as I was ignored with I sounded the alarm in 1994-2002 on various failures of the US intelligence community in relation to cyber and public health and other vulnerable areas).

The British Government — never to be confused with the decent British people — is now suffering from a total loss of confidence. The public knows that the British Government lies about everything. They lied in support of the elective war on Iraq, they lied about the Trump Dossier, they lied about the Imperial College model that was intended to panic the global economy in favor of insider trading; and now they are lying about the relationship between 5G and coronavirus specificially, disease generally.

The time appears to have come for the British and American public to fire every corrupt member of the House of Lords (most married into the Zionist cabal) and House of Commons (most being bribed and many being blackmailed with pedophilia) as well as every corrupt member of the US Congress.

Below are a few links on 5G, which is an ecocidal and genocidal technology all on its own, but which absolutely has a strong connection to the current fake pandemic, real virus, and future real pandemics perhaps triggered by 5G.

Minister Gore, it's time for you to beg forgiveness from the public, resign from your position, and pray that you are allowed to slink away into obscurity.

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