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I have my head so far up my ass I can kiss my beating heart.  ~ Tyler Durden

Public Fears, Anger Over 5G-Virus Conspiracy-Theories “Shouldn't Be Underestimated”

Truthful information about 5G below the fold.

ROBERT STEELE: I have long suspected that Zero Hedge is a controlled asset that mixes in precious metals and stock pumping and short sell stories with genuinely useful selections from others. The above article is signed by Tyler Durden (believed to be a pseudonym for a group of failed investors that now work for others — who exactly remains to be investigated). The above article is absolute and utter bullshit and I will gladly challenge every person cited to a duel on the White Lawn — words or bullets, I don't care, 25 feet is my preferred range.

I believe that President Donald J. Trump is fully aware of the ecocidal and genocidal threat represented by 5G, which is a triple whammy:

01 reduces immunity and susceptibility to all other diseases

02 produces radiation sickness which presents as the flu

03 can induce specified diseases including cancer and heart failure.

My original works, far ahead of the crowd and unique for being holistic, are interspersed among the linked references below.

It is not conclusively established in my own mind, but I believe that 5G and other Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) can assassinate and incapacitate individuals by name (using DNA signatures); and can target individual ethnic groups, particularly people of color, especially blacks who have long been the Deep States preferred experimental group, and now Asians.

I am quite sure that Tyler Durden et al is not stupid. Nor is Dr. Anthonly “Little Mussolini” Fauci stupid — these people are beneath contempt for having sold their souls  to Satanic influences, and chosen to betray the public trust by telling lies at a scale that has today literally imploded the economy.

Suicides are now catching up with proven coronavirus deaths (which are 2% at best of all deaths, and probably closer to 1%). Tens of thousands are dying from medical malpractice, and hundreds of thousands more will die if we do not hang Bill Gates and Little Mussolini on the White House lawn (metaphorically speaking) and get on with our lives.

Hardly worth noting — he was discredited along with Alex Jones some time ago as a Deep State asset — is Mike Adams attack on David Icke along the same scripted lines of Tyler Durden.  All  three are betraying the public.

New brain-damaging disease “Stupid-19” makes people think the coronavirus is a HOAX

Links below are generally in reverse order (newest first).


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Robert Steele: Memorandum for the President on Coronavirus COVID-19, 5G, New BioWar Attacks, Need for Counterintelligence Study on Continuing Hybrid War Against You, the US Economy, & Others


Yoda: Geneva Bans 4G & 5G for Three Years — All Experts Continue to Call for a Total Global Ban on 5G

State of the Nation: Quaternary Weapon System — 5G, Virus, Chemtails, and More — Fully Integrated Population Control and De-Population System?

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Paul Doyon: Protection & Healing in Face of 5G / Radiation — And Renewed Call to STOP 5G — TURN IT OFF!

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#UNRIG Video (6:59) Former Spy Q Follower with Pedophilia and 5G Credentials Discusses Lockdown, #SavetheChildren #MAGA

VIDEO (32:44): 5G Electronic Battle Dark versus Light — for the Soul of Humanity?

James Corbett with Derrick Broze: Is 5G Responsible for Most Coronavirus Symptoms [Radiation Sickness presents as Flu]

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