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The following videos have been deleted at YouTube under direct written threat from YouTube to the effect that any video challenging the official narrative on the fake pandemic and the crimes against humanity by Bill Gates and NIH and CDC will lead to the entire channel being taken down.  All of the below videos remain available at BitChute but in my view this censorship by YouTube, combined with Google manipulation of search and censorship, is the death notice for #GoogleGestapo.  We need an Open Source Agency and Web 3.0.

Click below to see any censored video at BitChute

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Are NY & NJ Lying to Us? Former Spy & Top Analyst Offers Appraisal in One Chart

Benjamin Fulford Chats from Tokyo on Fake Pandemic, Deep State Demise, Pedos Going Down, and More…

Benjamin Fulford on America Back on Track for Easter Sunday, Fake Pandemic Collapses….

Benjamin Fulford on Pandemic, Wall Street Fraud, Rents & Mortgages Could End, Free Energy Soon?

Benjamin Fulford Updates Fake Pandemic, Martial Law, Global Government Concept, What Trump Can Do

China Wuhan Coronavirus 5G Radiation Sickness Eleven-Point Overview

Coronavirus, 5G, & Love Energy, BioHealing — 3 Experts & Robert David Steele

Coronavirus is NORMAL, CDC Lies, Says Former CIA Spy | Robert David Steele

Dr. Judy Mikovits Exposes Gates, Fauci, Corrupt Science | Blacks Targeted by NIH, CDC

Dr. Judy Mikovits: Black Depopulation a Goal of NIH and CDC — Proven by the Data!

Dr. Kevin Barrett on Corona Virus as Global Circuit Breaker Opening Way to Spiritual Renewal for All

Dr. Shiva, GOP Candidate for Senate, Speaks Truth to Power — Former Spy Robert Steele Endorses Him

RFK-Shiva Wee-Wee Fight with Comment by Former Spy Robert Steele

Former Spy Accuses World Health Organization of Being Bribed or Blackmailed Into Declaring Pandemic

Former Spy Blocked by Google Comes Back to Life

Former Spy Muses on Corona Virus As A Blessing — Did We Flip Evil Intent to Achieve a Greater Goo..

Former Spy Offers 3-Part Path to Getting America Back on Track by 10 April — Open Letter to POTUS

Former Spy Rants on Jeff Bezos for Censorship of the Truth

Former Spy Tells President Trump Truth in Nine Minutes — Fake Pandemic, 5G Triggers, Purge Needed

Former Spy Urges Larry Page, Sundar Pichai, and Brendan “Potted Plant” Sullivan, to “Be Best”

Former Spy: Is Corona Virus A Blessing & Did We Flip Evil Intent to Achieve a Greater Good?

In Praise of the World Health Organization — Fake Pandemic is OVER — Final Analysis by Ex-Spy

John McAfee Rants on 5G, Virus, Bill Gates, Guns, & More

Prime Ministerial Brief — 11 Points — Appraisal of the Fake Pandemic — BioWar Update

Robert Steele Being Digitally Assassinated

Robert Steele, Spy & Reader, Updates the Corona Virus Radiation Sickness Madness Parade

Sacha Stone Update On Virus, 5G and Fall of Cabal

Sacha Stone: Virus is a Deep State Detox

Spy's Message to President Trump on Coronavirus, 5G, Hybrid War,  Threat to America & Election 2020

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