DefDog: FCC Harms Pentagon, USA — Time To Close Them Down (Along with FDA and CDC)

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Pentagon official: FCC decision on 5G threatens GPS, national security

Phi Beta Iota: Time to indict, convict, and put in jail every official in the FCC, along with the FDA and the CDC.  There are indications President is aware and taking steps to shut down 5G.  See links below the fold.

Peter Navarro: Protecting electricity grid — Trump orders this to defend economic, national security

DoD says it was blindsided by FCC Ligado decision, will petition to have it reversed

FCC to greenlight Ligado’s 5G network despite strong pushback from the Pentagon

HASC joins critics of FCC’s Ligado decision, FCC denounces ‘baseless fear mongering’

Senate Armed Services Committee schedules hearing on FCC’s Ligado order

Webinar Replay | From Orbital Debris to GPS vs 5G: Decoding the FCC’s Role in Space Policy

Senators ask GAO to review FCC oversight of satellite constellations

FCC approves $9.7 billion package to speed C-band clearing

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