Dan Shultz: How to Cleanse the GOP of RINOs Who Hate Trump

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Just 1,269 Republicans (plus a few more for good measure) of 2,537 delegates who bothered to participate out of a total of about 3,500 delegates who could have participated out of approximately 165,000 Republicans in Virginia’s 5th Congressional district (just over 165,000 Virginians in the district in 2018 voted to elect Riggleman) decided whether the Riggleman went on to the general election ballot.

In other words, less than 1 per cent (approx. 0.75%) of the number of Republicans who had elected Riggleman in 2018 dethroned him, preventing him from getting to the general election ballot.  That’s REAL political power.

Here’s the Fifth Congressional District Republican Committee’s website.

Note that in Virginia the delegates elect the Electoral College members, and the delegates elected Richard Viguerie (who awarded me half of his “Liberty Prize” years ago for my first ebook) to be their Electoral College member.

I wrote an article at Redstate.com way back in 2010 when the “tea partiers” in Utah figured out how to get “into” the Republican Party and rid Utah of RINO Bob Bennett.  Same thing.  REAL political power.

Basic American Civics checklist for conservative “political activists”:

Do you know:

The name of your precinct?
Its boundaries?
Any fellow conservatives residing in it?
How many precinct committeeman slots it has?
How many of the PC slots are filled?
Where your local and county Party committees meet?
The names of your local and county Party committee chairs?
How your state’s Electoral College members are selected?

Nothings going to change for the better until conservative “political activists” learn the answers to these types of questions and then ACT where and how it matters.  IMHO.

ROBERT STEELE: What is  totally clear is that the GOP under Romney does NOT want conservatives (or veterans) to fill the 50% of the precinct seats that are vacant. The GOP will continue to lie to the President — all he has to do to show up their lies is this: at every rally, read off the above checklist and ask his supporters to become active in their precincts, to demand to fill every vacant precinct seat, and to report back to him every time they are REFUSED an opportunity to fill a VACANT precinct seat.  Dan Schultz has it right: the GOP is slow-rolling the President and waiting for him to move on so they can get back to doing what they do best: collaborating with the other half of the two-party tyranny to enable the Deep State's continued looting of the Republic.  The GOP in its present form, under its present leadership, is part of the Deep State.

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