Trump Triumph Part III: Mobilize 70% of the Voters Now Dis-Enfranchised — Trade Honest Congress in 2022 for Mother of All Landslides in 2020

Civil Society, Commercial Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Ethics, Government

ROBERT STEELE with CYNTHIA MCKINNEY: This is a very simple proposition.  The Deep State is enabled by the Shadow Government.  The Shadow Government consists of the two-party tyranny combined with the secret intelligence community and treasonous elements of the rest of the government, all penetrated by both foreign powers, particularly Israel and Great Britain, and all with an alternative chain of command from the Freemasons and other secret societies. The only way to cut the Deep State off from the Shadow Government is to implement electoral reform such that the below twelve elements open Congress up to Independents, Libertarians, Greens, Constitution, #WalkAway, and those who despise the GOP but are loyal to President Donald J. Trump and America First.

Such an Act, forced into passage before Election Day, makes the proposition clear: re-elect the President (and ideally retake the House while defending the Senate) and Congress becomes completely open to ALL citizens while also being CLOSED to bribery and blackmail by foreign powers and corporate powers. The FBI, handicapped by Congress after ABSCAM, and NSA, would be forced to do their jobs and identify and neutralize traitors, elite pedophiles, and both white and black collar criminals on a day to day basis.  The Wall Street mafia and the Red Mafiya, particularly, would be put out of business by Rangers with fixed bayonets.

Everything is connected. #UNRIG starts with electoral reform combined with a deep and broad reconciliation with black America — most of them patriots. The confiscation of $100 trillion in tangible assets purchased with illicit wealth pays for Made in America do-over with localized self-sustainability the goal. NSA, CIA, FBI, and DoJ, have the tools and data needed, but lack focus.

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