J. C. Cole: No Meat, No Milk, No Bread: Hunger Crisis Rocks Latin America – and the Rockfeller Plan to Create a Food Crisis in the USA This Winter

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No Meat, No Milk, No Bread: Hunger Crisis Rocks Latin America

And here is the model for a Plandemic being used to control humanity.

. . . .

Next, government control over all Food just as the Rockefeller Institute
has recommended. A small addition (not mentioned yet) of requiring
everybody in the Food Business (from Farm to Table) required to get the
Vaccine to “protect the people and children”. In other words, to produce
food, to process food, to sell food, to prepare food, and to buy food
you must have the Vaccine and controlled by Government edict.

And of course, to prove we have taken the Vaccine, we need an ID microchip.

The RNA vaccine alters our DNA thus blocking the God gene and our
spiritual awareness. The ID Chip controls our finances and ability to
function in society.

Problem – Reaction – Solution ………. the creation of an obedient
slave species and food source for the pedophile/child sacrifice blood


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