Cosmic Agency: COVID-19 Virus Hoax – Does Not Exist! Do Not Take the Vaccine, It Has Been Weaponized

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According to the Taygeteans, there is no virus and never was one.  The current pandemic is a HOAX.  It is a psyop of global magnitude, designed and carried out in total coordination by the controlled media. There never has been any weaponized version of the flu, and there has never been any flu dispersed via chemtrails.  Some of the illnesses reported were likely the symptoms of radiation sickness due to the ramping up of 5G, particularly with regard to cruise ships. The only virus circulating among the population at this time is the common flu.

What is misunderstood about viruses is that they, by themselves, do not cause sickness.  They are merely toxic waste excreted by dying cells that are infected with another disease.  In other words, they are the product of disease, not the cause of it.  The role of these viral excretions is to warn other cells in the body of danger in order to enable their defense mechanisms.  When they are sneezed out in the form of mucus, they can infect another person.  However, this does not necessarily make the second person ill – the virus simply conveys the same warning message to the cells of this individual that they should prepare to protect themselves.  If there is no disease in the second individual, they do not get ill.  If the second individual is already suffering from a sickness or a weakened immune system, then they can become ill.  This is why elderly and immune-compromised individuals are more vulnerable to the flu virus.  This is also why flu vaccines don’t work – healthy people don’t get the flu, but they can make sick people sicker.

As for the COVID-19 tests, they only detect the proteins in the shell of the exo-gene which everyone secretes. So if you are going to be tested and are stressed, overwhelmingly, the test will be positive.

As far as the Taygeteans are concerned, this is the biggest False Flag ever to be recorded in human history.  It has been perpetuated by corrupt government officials and world heath organizations, crisis actors and various compartmentalized agents who are either compromised or misled.  The media has been showing misleading old photos and film footage and reporting faked numbers of deaths and test results in order to keep the people in a constant state of fear.  Draconian measures restricting the movement and personal freedoms of the population are being enforced by corporations and institutions in the name of a non-existent virus.  There are numerous agendas afoot, but ultimately this is part of a eugenics/depopulation plan.

The Taygeteans have an urgent message for humanity – DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINE!  Do not take the flu vaccine either.  Both will only make us sicker.  The vaccines contain substances that are designed to be activated when they come into contact with a second substance.  You get a flu shot one year, then the next year, you get vaccinated for the Coronavirus (or perhaps you are required to get more than one Coronavirus vaccine). The second vaccination contains the compound that activates the first which makes it lethal.  This can also be achieved with chemtrails containing the second activating substance.  You have been warned.


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