Review: Countdown to Socialism by Devin Nunes

5 Star, America (Founders, Current Situation), Civil Society, Culture, Research, Impeachment & Treason, Misinformation & Propaganda
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5 Stars — Tiny Book, Fast Read, Powerful!

This is a series of short essays in a half size tiny book.  It is a fast read but it is powerful — an American manifesto against treason.

The sections are Outside the Swamp; Collusion Delusion; The Fake News Complex; The Disinformation Funnel; and Information Desert.

He is strongest on the degree to which the Democrats, the CIA and FBI, and the media — both mainstream and social — have become a cancer within America.

He fails to see that the United Kingdom is our enemy — MI-6 and MI-5 were full participants in the treason against our President, and the UK needs to be held accountable for that act of war.

As I write this MI-6 and MI-5 are holding an internal review to determine what was said on every encrypted voice call to Brennan and Comey. They now know that we have all of those calls “in the clear” and in his own good time President Trump is going to bring the UK a Day of Atonement — perhaps including an end to the Commonwealth and freedom for each of the countries now enslaved by the UK and its controlled the Rothschild owned City of London.

Spin up the fat lady.  Time for a song.

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