Robert Steele: Concept for a Series of Animations on Electoral and Media Fraud

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Tip of the Hat to Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben at American Intelligence Media.

Below the fold are additional animations that I have suggested they do a fund-raiser for.

  • Overview: defining electoral fraud, the many ways old and new
  • Overview: detecting electoral fraud today using NSA, watermarks, and cell phone tracking
  • Overview: documenting electoral fraud — tracking, observing, whistleblowers, plea bargains — why documenting this time around is so much easier because of Executive Order mandating watermarks and audit measures, weaponization of NSA with 16 NSA units in the field tracking both  watermarks and the cell phones of those controlling ballots in bulk
  • Specifics: one per state in this order: PA, GA, VA MI WI, AZ NV
  • The Mainstream Media as Criminal Co-Conspirator — Civil War Arrests Precedent, Current Law, What If President Trump Uses the Insurrection Act, Is Tucker Carlson a Deep State Agent out of the closet now, future of US MSM
  • The Social Media as Criminal Co-Conspirator — CIA role in creating Facebook, Google, Twitter; Anti-Defamation League Role in creating the hate speech to censorship and digital assassination pipeline, why has President Trump not defended the 1st Amendment, Title 7, and Communications Decency Act, could Web 3.0 relegate #GoogleGestapo to the tar pit of history?
  • Timeline: next steps and possibilities including Republican controlled legislatures overturning fraud and sending Repubican electors; goes to Congress where one vote per state, count right now is 26 Republican, 20 Democrat, 3 tied 1 of which known to be leaning Republican.  Trump wins.
  • What Does It Mean? Battle for the soul of our nation.


Daily Cummulative Update of Victory Links

BREAKING: Trump Wins with 324-400 Electoral Ballots – UPDATES

Core References:

Sidney Powell: New Legal Fund to Election Lawsuits [CONFIRMED LEGIT!]

ROBERT STEELE: If you want to be part of this fight, donate to the website above. I have personally confirmed it with Sidney, and she is ON FIRE!

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